17 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 3 !!!

            222nd BLOG -->>

        Wow !! It looks no nice - 222 .. I'm happy to write my 222nd blog as 333rd blog will come after writing 111 blogs. So this types of uniqueness shouldn't be ignored. Already 2 parts approaching my SSC results has been written. Today, its the day to write my 3rd and 4th part. Today itself, 1 hour ago, the results of 10th std's students has been announced. I have checked 13 roll nos and I am happy that 13 students got their most awaited result from me. Chalo, now lets start with my 3rd part nahi to blog lengthy ho jaayega.

            Now, I am in 10th std. The most craziest class I have ever attended. We loved attending our classes. We never awaited for lunch break and short break as we enjoyed a lot during lectures. We used to eat our tiffin while the lectures were on. We used to play X O while the lecturer used to pass knowledge to us. We appreciated the beauty of our classmates. We had many beauties with us. So there was no chance of getting bored while lectures. Everyone used to keep an eye on the girl they were planning to have the kids with. And even if the girls were crazy on the same boy, then that group of boys used to enjoy the romance between the eyes of the future girlfriend-boyfriend. It was so enthralling to sit in the class at the corner far away from the view of the teacher and keep doing all this stuffs. We never entertained studies while we were at school. When the notice board used to display the upcomming exams, all of us used to start revising the lessons and coping up with our studies. We enjoyed a lot.

            Finally, our exams came and all of us started struggling with the questions in the paper as they were never heard before. What we heard were the first word of the questions - Why, Which, When. But I used to enjoy even in the exam hall as there were new girls in the hall from different schools. All of them used to see me with the lust and greed in their eyes. I think you have misunderstood - that lust and greed wasn't for me but for the answers they didn't knew. When a girl asks you a question to show to her, you can't say NO to her as it is very rare when a stranger girl approach you. I helped many girls in my hall. At last I gave all my papers and I expected to score some 75% and more. Both my competitors which were my friends also had the same target and the same expectations. Two girls in our batch were scholars and thus they expected to score more than 85%.

             Vacations started which we were awaiting madly from many days. I went to my native places. First I visited Gorakhpur where my mother resides. It was little fun and little boring there. But yaa I enjoyed. Sitting there at the Chauraaha and listening shayaaris and new bad words from the local people was very interesting. My nana is very rich and he is a politician because of which everyone respects me there and I love being respected without doing anything to gain it. Haha.. After this we moved towards Kanpur for 1 week which is my real native place. There I met my 4 cousins. 2 of them are the children of my tauji whom I hate a lot. I want to kill them. Other 2 are the children of my chachaji - These kids are very interesting if you are able to handle them. They are very naughty and I love them for this. Sometimes it gets over but still that is affordable to have such interesting cousins. These two are better than that elder two. They are toh Idiots. The worst two creation from God. Worst than BULL SHIT !!! (If my elder cousins are reading this then I expect both of you to agree that you are worst than the Bull Shit because you are)

             Chalo, track change ho gaya..In chutiyo k baaare me sochta hu to gussa aa jaata hai isliye baar baar blogs pe inka naam aa jaata hai..Finally, we moved back to Mumbai at our home and now the only thing left was to wait for the results and keep shivering for it as I knew that I haven't written an outstanding papers. Parents had a big hope but even they were fearful about what will this crap score who is so careless and irresponsible for his studies. Ultimately.............

   TO BE CONTINUED.........


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