19 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 5 !!!

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        I hope everyone of you loved the new presentation of my blog. It has consumed more than 1 hour to edit this page and make it co- ordinate with the previous elements. I believe this new page has enhanced my blog. Lets move to 5th part of my SSC results. Many good and lovely comments has rained on me for my series of blogs in different parts. Thanks to everyone who spend their time reading what I have written with my heart for my readers and friends. Thanks a lot and now lets move towards job....

            But I kept crying as I wanted to act that I am the most effected person of this calamity. Soon, it was 1 PM and my father knocked the door as he came for the lunch time. As soon as I opened the door, my father smiled and forwarded his hand for a hand - shake with a lovely word - CONGRATS BETA. As soon as he said this, I started crying. Now I dont want to reveal this that these tears were the cousins of crocodile's tears or it were as original as the tears of the contestants who are rejected in a reality show. My father said that now its no use of crying now, you have already wasted a year in fun and masti, now it's time to think about future. But I kept crying like a girl leaving her parents in the ceremony called BIDAAI. But there's a sympathy with that girl but in the condition I was into, there was no sympathy for me. Everyone knew that whole year I have just made comedy shows in my friend's circle. At 2 PM, father went back to his factory to act as a manager while I sat in my bedroom thinking about my future and where to complete my 11th and 12th. 

           I started thinking that what was the reason of my failure? Where did I lacked and why did I lacked? The biggest reason I found was I never concentrated on the subjects which were difficult for me. I didn't understood Maths and Social Sciences and I never even tried to understand them. This was my biggest mistake. If I would have concentrated on my weaker parts, I would have crossed 70% easily but I kept studying the subjects which were already prepared. The second reason of my under-performance was Computer. In 2005, there was a trend of resignato search a new job, he bought a computer on 5th December, 2005. Before this I had never operated a computer and as soon as I saw a personal computer, I went mad as I already felt that I'm a Software Engineer. The biggest crime that my father committed was that it had internet too. When I got used to computer and understood how to connect internet and surf different websites, I planned a new strategy.

             I used to sleep all the day and I said my parents that don't wake me up when I sleep as I'll study in the nights as it's very quiet. So, I used to open my books at night 12 AM and used to close them at 7 AM when my father used to wake up for getting ready for his office. All night, I used to surf internet when my parents used to sleep. I used to watch movies all night on my PC with a headphone in my ears. I was caught once at 4 AM when my father slapped me but still I continued this erratic activity confidently. This spoiled my last 3 months of preparation which effects a lot. These were the biggest two factors because of which I broked everybody's expectations. 

             Thinking and analyzing my mistakes didn't stopped the clock and it was 8 PM and there were 3 to 4 families in my house which came to gift me for my effort in the boards but my mother acted as a Drama Queen that day and she gave hundreds of promises to everyone to not to gift me anything as this is not the moment of happiness. I lost Perfumes, Deos, Purse, Bag and many other good gifts because of my mother's over-acting. A family gave an idea to my father to admit me in a Muslim college at Pune for 11th and put me into the hostel. This college was very strict and thus my father agreed to push me into this jungle. I didn't wanted to take admission in this college and I wanted to take admission either in any of the colleges of Pune. But my father was another example of Amrish Puri in DDLJ and thus the very next day I and my father caught a bus and marched towards Pune and took the admission in this Muslim college known as Anglo-Urdu Junior College. 

             And with this, the series of SSC results end. I hope everyone of you loved this part as much as you loved HSC one. Thanks a lot for supporting and waiting for each and every parts.



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Vinayak said...

nice series but still i want to know what happened in that college

Writing Buddha said...

hahaha...now thats a big story my friend on wich Im writing a book...but still I'll upload some parts of it here...

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