2 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Hindustan Times Rocks - Rs. 199 / year !!!

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        A good news !!! No, my girlfriend is not pregnant. Don't be so excited. The subscription of Hindustan Times has started and I got my first newspaper today. I was damn excited in the morning to read it as soon as I can. Hindustan Times is a great paper but still my love for DNA can't be neglected. DNA was a superb paper and it touched my nerves and found it's place in the most soft corner of my heart but now as I had to leave it and go with Hindustan Times, I think I should start loving it too. But one thing I can easily state that the design and presentation of HT is better than DNA newspaper. The font of HT is better than DNA. But when it comes to matter and numbers of information, DNA rocks. DNA has a spark in it which makes you sit and read the whole article while the HT newspaper isn't less but something is missing. I haven't analyzed still but I'll let you know what is missing in HT which I found in DNA.

            I also had a hair-cut today after 2 months I think. I am looking like Chapraasi now but very soon I'll turn into a professional personality. It will take a time span of 2 weeks but I'll look like a decent boy till then. I am happy with my result but I don't think my father is as he refused me to provide me with the mobile. Let's not talk about this. I read the newspaper today and found many interesting news which I would like to share with all of you. The most exciting news I read was that the viewers of India vs Pakistan match of Asia Cup were more than the viewers of the most viewed FIFA world cup match. I am so happy to hear this that the game I follow is much more popular than the game I don't understand. Football is undoubtedly a very addictive game but I haven't watched it ever in my life so I don't have any soft corner for it while cricket. I am damn mad for it. The viewers of India-Lanka match were 28 lakhs while for India-Pakistan match were 23 lakhs and now coming to the football - the viewers for Brazil-Portugal match were just half 15.2 lakhs. So this means that Cricket is greater than Football. Sachin ki Jai Ho.

             Also read that 128 new institutes is to be started by this academic year for Engineering and MCA in Maharashtra. A good news for me as I am approaching towards MCA after my graduation. At least I'll not have to die for taking an admission in the college. There is also a message of social awareness that please don't write anything on the currency notes. As the people in our country are addicted to write notes on the space provided on the currency notes, this reflects in loss for the nation's economy. These notes can't be used for the standard transaction. E.g. You will never find any scrapped note credited to you by ATM. Because of this, India had suffered the loss of 2000 crores last year. So please take this into notice.

              I also read that the fare for local trains is going to hike as the government had spent a lot of amount on the project to start 12-coaches local train. The fare of airline will also increase. 103 INR for domestic travelling while 515 INR for international travelling. Also, the fare of Buses will rise with the auto-rickshaws. The final conclusion is Apne Pocket-Money ki maa-behen ek hone waali hai. I am just praying that McDonalds doesn't hike the price of McAloo Tikki otherwise Vada-Pav se kaam chalana padega. Everything is getting costlier day by day. Few days ago, I received an email with an analysis which said that as the cost of milk has proliferated in last many decades, the price of milk in 2025 will be 91 Rs. I am just thinking about my dear children. It will not be a good idea to feed them with water. The way milk is getting costlier , I think after some years, the women's breast will also give water at the place of milk. Uff !! Sorry, I'm not getting vulgar but my thoughts came out as a volcano on this post. 

           I hope this was a sensible blog through which you would have learnt something. I just hope. You can comment below to let me know Is this blog sensible or bakwaas?



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