26 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

26th July - The same day of Mumbai's Disaster !!!

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        Its 26th July, 2010 today. I hope everyone of you would have guessed why am I focusing so much on the date. On the same day in 2005, 5 years ago, Mumbai was submerged into the rain water. Everyone was praying for their life. Everyone was helping others to survive. Everyone was snarled into the sudden squall like rains and was trying to rescue from the water and be safe. Mumbai still remembers the day and it still shivers when it remembers how it fought with the greatest disaster ever on it. The world knew about the incident. Everyone was despondent to hear this. Mumbai is the city of India where everything starts. People are not mope here. People are filled with enthusiasm and zeal. This is what for Mumbai is known. On 26th July, the local trains stopped and refused to move ahead. Local trains are the heart of Mumbai. It stopped and it made Mumbai the most sick city of the day. 

             I remember how people were drowning in the water. I remember how the poor people living in the slums were shouting for the help and support. I remember how people were mad with surfeit of disaster. I don't know how Mumbai came back to its real position but it was very hard to hear about all the disasters. More than 1000 lives were no more. Many were injured. The whole Mumbai suffered the pain of rains. More than 52 local trains were damaged. 37,000 rickshaws were spoiled. 4,000 taxis were damaged. 900 BEST buses were damaged. 10,000 trucks and tempos were grounded. 700 flights were canceled and delayed. Mumbai suffered the loss of 450 crore economically.Nobody wants to remember the day but every year whenever 26 July comes, everyone starts dithering in Mumbai. Mumbaikars lose the confidence and their interminable audacity whenever they remember the day. The day when people were crying for support even after knowing that there is no one to help them. The day when small kids died because of the sudden rush of water. Many people drowned in potholes and gutters. Terrible day.

             I saw every coverage on media channels as my father was sent to Mumbai for an official trip. He was caught in the bus. He and other passengers were said to climb to the roof of the bus as water reached the base of the bus. My father along with other passengers climbed on the roof. After some minutes, water reached even the roof. Then they were helped to climb to one of the buildings. He was safe. The media acted intelligently on the day. On these days, media plays the most important part. The radio channels played the beautiful songs with the information of every area. The RJ acted smartly on the day. All the Indians came together to support each other. Everyone held each others hand in water and marched forward. The people who were safe in their buildings were guiding others who were trapped in the water. They were showing light by torch and emergency bulbs. They were also providing them with foods and eatables. No thefts were recorded in the city on the day. Mumbaikars compared this disaster day with the Katrina which was shot somewhere (I don't remember) where the violence and disturbance was noticed. The whole Mumbai came together and it is a matter of pride for us.

            But, as its 26th July today. I am praying God to help us not to get trapped again in such a rain but I fear if by chance the disaster repeats. Will the Mumbai act as brethren? Will the Mumbaikars help each other? Or else people will see that the person who is drowning is a North-Indian - A Bhaiyya, let him drown. He is a Muslim, Ajmal Kasab is one of them , let him die. He is a Maratha , they are the enemies of other states , let him go to hell. He is an Australian, they thrash us in their country, lets push him. The way Mumbai has changed in this 5 years, I can expect the same from Mumbaikars. I am afraid of the exuberant hatred for each other in Mumbai people's heart and mind. I am just praying God to save Mumbai today and wipe the history. Its raining badly from last 4 days and there is a danger today but still I trust God and my Sai Baba that they will help us. 

            I hope everyone of you have prayed your God to bless us and aggravate our energies so that we can fight if any disaster touches our land. I remember one of the victims telling on the channel that everyone was shouting JAI BAJRANG BALI KI , GANPATI BAPPA MORYA , ALLAH - UH- AKBAR and other Godly sentences. I hope everyone is praying for safety of our land. 

             Thanks. I am in fear. Hope God doesn't exude water in Mumbai.


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Salman said...

I Second Ur Opinion bout Kasab!! Mayn I Dunt Understand Why Dont they Just Hang Him N Get Over Wt It???!!?? Last Tyme I Heard dey Had Spent Sum 38 crores on Him... WoW!! So Much Fr an Enemy Of State n A Mass Murderer!!!!!!

Vinayak said...

aaj "bold" mein kyun nahi likha?
accha hai mein mumbaikar nahi, nahi to agar mein us pani mein hota to mein doob hi jaata...

Writing Buddha said...

Salman, I too dont understand what these stupid govt thinking abt him..I think they have passed this hearing that he will be hanged just to calm down people's anger and nothing else...Today in news I saw that Abu Salem - the cell in wich he lives in prison has everything fruits and all...this is how they r fooling us..and I dont know in wat way they are protecting these terrorist that 38 crores like big amounts get spend..

Writing Buddha said...

Vini, sahi keh rhe ho..pakka doob jaatey..aur bold me isliye nahi likha kyuki lamba ho gya hai na blog..aur dukh ki baat hai to socha jyaada fancy nahi .. ;-)

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