3 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Argentina Out / Viveka case / Almighty Isn't Always !!!

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        Ohh !!! Yesterday Brazil was hurled out of FIFA World Cup and today its Argentina. These results of World Cup are as unpredictable as Rakhi Sawant. Anything can happen any time. I am so surprised to hear this that Argentina is out and that too in the worst way any team can be. They have losed by 0-4. Argentina was said to be the Goal-counter in this season of World Cup and now today in this game, they were unable to score even a single goal and performed so silly that the opposite team Germany scored 4 goals against them. A shameful result in the history of Argentina. I think they should buck up for the next time and do well.

             Everyday, I hear about the suicide case of that model - Viveka. Actually, she is the star of Kamasutra and everyone of us know what Kamasutra movies are like. They are the legal version of blue films. I think so. She had committed suicide because of some sheer pressures in her love life with Gautam Vora. She had her last update in her personal diary as GAUTAM, YOU KILLED ME. Now, I would say why is CID team or any investigating team is dying to find out the reason of her suicide. She was a matured women. She already had 2 affairs previously. This was her 3rd affair. Kitney affair jo college me ho chukey hongey wo to hamein pataa hi nahi hai. So, when she can't deal with her problems. She found it easy to hang herself and go to hell, why should we, the people on earth who wants to live and explore something daily should waste our time in finding the reason of her suicide and why should we hear the news related to her suicide? Our investigating team has flopped in the murder case of Aarushi Talwaar. A year has past and still there is no answer from investigating team that who killed her. So when they lack so much in their skills that they can't find out the reason of the murder case, how will they come to know the reason of the suicide case. Strange !!!

            I feel that you can't even trust GOD sometimes even when he is ALMIGHTY. I think I am right. Let's not talk about anything related to GOD as there will be many abuses in my comment section if I'll speak anything against GOD. Yesterday, Brazil and today Argentina. They were one of the ALMIGHTY teams and they are out. Therefore, you can't trust them blindly. This week itself, Roger Federer lost and was out of the tournament. Again, you can't trust the almighty blindly. Mumbai Indians, how they lost in IPL was also a shocking result. So, this can't be said that who is the best and who is worst. The season of Dance India Dance 2 had Dharmesh Sir. Everyone felt that he would win the competition as he had many followers from Gujarat and the way he was publicized by the show made it evident that Dharmesh Sir is the winner of DID 2. But the ALMIGHTY lost by a girl named SHAKTI MOHAN. Again a shocking result. SO, I must say that don't follow the team which is Almighty always. Try to analyze and follow the one who is putting the best hard-work and dedication in the competition. 

           This is all I wanted to say in this blog. Thanks.


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Back WIth A Bang Man!!!!!!!!!!!!

Writing Buddha said...

I am happy Salman..that u liked my blog....The day u complaint, I thought Ill be never successful in entertaining you but now I m happy that u r loving...thanks a lot for your comments....

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