6 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Result of Entrance Test of BCA Last Year !!!

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       Again a special day for me, I think not only for me but for every classmate I have right now with me in BCA 1st year. Oh Sorry !!! Not BCA 1st Year. I forgot that we have cleared our 1st year and from 12th July, we will be heading towards our 2nd year. So this day - 6th July is very special for everyone of my classmates. I know none of them will remember the day because no one is writer and no one needs to remember these days. Everyone is interested in remembering the dates when they touched their partner, when they had their first kiss with each other and everything about their partner. But as I am a Writer and writers are said to be boring personalities so i think that I remember this small day. But what is so special about this day? You are thinking the same question naa? Wait, I'll tell you what is so important about this day.

           On 21st June,2009 - I gave the entrance test at Bharati Vidyapeeth University for the admission in BCA course. I have already informed about this to all of you in my blog which I wrote on 21st June. So, the result of this entrance test I gave was announced on 6th July, 2009. I was damn nervous about my result as I didn't had confidence that I'll score a good competitive marks that I'll get the admission in my choice of division - Mumbai. I wasn't confident because I felt that the boys and girls of Mumbai are very smart and intelligent, atleast they are much intelligent than what I am, so I thought that there is no chance of mine's to enter this college by beating them. The seats available in the college were just 60 and thousand's of children give this examination. My result was to be announced at 5 PM in the evening. I didn't eat anything for the whole day and was just praying to the GOD that give me whatever punishment you want to give me on any another day but for today please don't give me any punishments. I kept refreshing the page of Bharati Vidyapeeth's website to see my result. At 4.30 PM itself, the result was available on the net. I was surprised to see this. Actually, Local website hai na, chchote mote programmers ne mill ke banayi hai isliye hi pehle daal diya tha k kahiin 5 baje humse ho naa paaye. Sorry Programmers !!!

             I entered my name and roll number with birth date and clicked on SUBMIT and kept my left hand on heart and waited for the results. ALL IZZ WELL wasn't announced that time otherwise with my left hand on the heart, I would have chanted these three words. Then, a new page was uploaded on my Google Chrome browser and it read as : - 

MARKS : 113 / 200

HURRAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

            But I was confused then, what does this 413th rank means? Am I cleared or will the 412 students before me will fill all the seats in Mumbai and Pune and I'll be left with my ass and my face. I called Bharati Vidyapeeth after finding their numbers from the prospectus which I bought in 600 rupees. Loottey hain ye college waaley. I talked to him and he said that yes you can get the seat in Mumbai but I am not so confident about it. I was damn disturbed after hearing this. But I kept patience and sat quietly to perform the next ritual of this Admission procedure. These admission procedure has much rituals than marriages have. Now the next ritual in the admission procedure was to go to Pune on 20th July, 2009 for councelling and to get the final admissions. So what happened on that day, I'll tell you on 20th July,2010 itself that what happened that day and how it happened. Hahaha !!!

      Thanks. 413th Rank in India. Upar waale 412 kaun hai saale ?

Signing off !!!


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