31 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Anniversary Of My Blog - ARB !!!

            1st Anniversary of ARB -->>

         263rd BLOG -->>

         Bizarre Bizarre Bizarre !!! I have no words to speak my feelings today. I never thought of this and I am experiencing today. I have completed one year of my blogging world. Last year in 2009, I wrote my first blog on 31st July and today on 31st July again in 2010, I am writing my 263rd blog. I never thought while writing my first blog that the journey would be so bright and so popular. I never knew that I will be named BLOGGER or WRITER. I never knew that people would ask my opinion on the topics. The people will admire me for my passion. I never knew a single bit of what happened with me because of this blogs. I still remember the first day of blogging. While browsing internet, I suddenly went into the Google services and found that Google provides free blogging service. I always read Amitabh Bachchan's blog and I thought of doing something like him and when I saw the word BLOG here. I just went and wrote my first blog. It was a stupid blog, I know that. When I wrote my first blog, I never knew that I want to be a writer. I wanted to be a common software engineer.

               But as the days passed and my desire to write more and more started erupting out, I thought of making Writing as my profession. I started working on my vocabulary. I started reading newspaper as writers are expected to know each and every moves of the world. If they are unable to speak on any kind of topic, they are said as an illiterate and a stupid writer. I wanted my image to be of a fledged writer rather than an undeveloped one. I started writing about my routines, I changed them and started talking on social issues, I changed them more and started writing about my experiences of my past life. I grew little more and I started writing fictional blogs. I wrote a LIVE blog too which is not attempted generally by bloggers. They are afraid to try this one but I thought of putting my hands here too. I also wrote blogs on book reviews which were loved by many strangers. Many became my friends because of my blogs. Many complimented me through sms and said that we went through your blogs and found that you are a passionate writer. May god bless you and you publish your novel which you are dreaming for. I love every comments I get on my blog. I love every reader of my blog. My blog has life because of the great friends I have in my friend's list. 

               Today, when my friends introduce me to their friends as Abhilash  is a writer, I feel so proud of my friends. I feel as I am in heaven. My friends have motivated me a lot for my blogs. I would not have continued this if I would not have got a support as such. Friends are the colossal part of everyone's life. The success and growth of the person depends on the friends he or she has around them. I can thrilled to announce here that I have each and every friend around me who motivates me. Nobody is jealous of my blog or my strange activity. I want to thank all my friends today for making my blogs a special moment for you and me. My blogs have been a platform where I meet with my friends in a new and innovative way. My friends loves to read the different side of my life stories here on my blog. They love to see two parts of Abhilash. One in the real life and one in the blogging life. I am so happy to have such friends who keeps talking about my blogs in the college and in the personal life. I bow to you all my dear angels. 

               I can't understand what to write now. I am speechless and I am completely lost. I am little sad to write just 263rd blog today. According to the plans and strategies, I should write my 365th blog today but unfortunately I am lacking very badly here and I am just at my 263rd blog. I will try to maintain the average rate of my blog from now onwards. Thanks to everyone. I am inserting the pic below which will show the user stats of this month.

stats for July

               So, with this I am leaving all of you today and with this I have again completed my 31 blogs in this month maintaining the average for the second time in a row. I need your blessings for the next year of my blogging career. Keep reading and keep supporting. YOUR SUPPORT IS MY SUCCESS !!!



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Vinayak said...

many many congratulations....
great work!!!
Aapka blog jiye hazaaron saal
Happy Birthday To Your Blog
Keep blogging

Writing Buddha said...

thanks dear vini.....love u bro..

Vijay said...

Congrats dude...............U reached a milestone in your blogging life.
Keep your journey on.............


Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot Vijay.. Happy to read a comment from a blogger here...I ll keep my journey on and on...

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