14 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

A Chat With the author - Mrs. Varsha Dixit !!!

            246th BLOG -->>

        Sleep in the eyes and slumbers killing my body. Still up for the blogs. Mosquitoes are around and the itching they deliver to my body is at its high. Still up for the blogs. Tomorrow college and cloths not ironed and time-table not set. Still up for the blogs. Blogs has changed the life. Blogs has changed the attitude. Blogs have matured me. Blogs has made me controversial. Blogs has made me a person to be admired of. Blogs has made me the person to be criticized of. Blogs has made me talk about people. Blogs has made others to talk about me. So many various ranges blogs offer me and so easily I accept everyone of them with a smile on my face. Many friends ask me before launching their blogs. When they see me, they feel like they should also do the same. But, I ask them to join twitter first. As I know that Twitter is the better place to speak about yourself rather than blogs. I am not doing this to be safe from the competitors but I am doing this to let people know how much are they regular on this easy platform - Twitter. If you aren't capable of tweeting daily, how can you write blogs and make people be regular to your blogs? Watching me may seem to be easy to blog daily or once a week but No, It's not easy. Its tough. Its time-consuming. Its irritating sometimes. Its sweet sometimes. 

             I would like to suggest everyone who wants to start blogging to join twitter. Twitter is the easy platform to publicize yourself and reach to many peoples. Blog takes a lot of time to publicize yourself and get the readers. So I would like all of you to join twitter. Its so much fun on twitter. Yesterday, I got something from twitter. Something very special. Already, I have received replies from Preity Zinta, Abhishek Bachchan, Raghu Ram, Rajeev Lakshman, Rajeev Masand and some more. But yesterday, twitter crossed all its barrier and blessed me with something I will remember all my life. I received a phone call from the published author - Mrs. Varsha Dixit who is the author of a fiction novel - RIGHT FIT WRONG SHOE. She called me yesterday in the evening time at 6.20 PM. I received the unknown number and I was surprised to see that it was the phone call of the first female author I ever tried to read. Normally, I am good when it comes to communicate with people in English but when I heard her voice on the phone, I was stammering so much that I still feel that she would be thinking that I have a problem of stammering. Sorry mam for making it little difficult for you to understand my dithering voice on phone call.

              I had chat with her regarding every aspects of our life. Not only did we chat about her book, but also on her future project. She was so kind and sweet while replying to every question I asked. Professional and personal too. She was in her hometown - Kanpur which is my native place too. She is writer and I want to be a writer. She is sweet and I am also the same. So, there were many things common between us. Hahaha. I asked her regarding writing and how to do it. She replied to it very intellectually. Her voice had a confidence and a self-respect kind of thing. She didn't even said once that I am so big author and blah blah. She didn't said this and that was the USP of her call. Ha !!! Like her novel, she was also interesting and successful. She is in India for short while and therefore she called me. Waise, she lives in UK or USA. I am confused between both the names of this countries. I told her about my college and my family while she told me that she had also lived in Mumbai for sometime. She made me feel comfortable while talking to her. Two days ago, before she called me, I read in the newspaper that her book is publicized by the publication house with the paintings and banners on trains and buses and I told her about this. She was happy to know this from me. I am happy that I knew something about her which she didn't. Ha !!!

            I remember that I chat with Mandar Kokate and whenever I have asked him to give his cell number to me, he had refused showing how big he has grown and he is a famous personality now but my dear author - Varsha Dixit herself called me. This is the sign of her kindness and softness. I am just hoping to hear her once again on my cell as many questions popped into my mind after she cut the call. We had chat for 15 minutes and 46 seconds. Thank you mam for calling me and making my day. Not only day but life. I will always remember this as one of the achievements of my life. With a will to be a writer, I am talking to a published writer is a big achievement for me. You have wished me for my novel , thanks a lot for this too. You have showered so many compliments in this 16 minutes that I am so happy from last 28 hours. Uff !!! But thanks a lot once again and I am hoping for a big success of your next novel. Hope you will go through this blog and post a comment about what you felt after reading this one. Thanks..


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