12 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

End Of Vacations - 5th May to 11th July !!!

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        I am sad. I am happy. I am surprised and I am excited. But the emotion which had overcomed all other emotions is Sadness. I am sad as this was my last day of the beautiful vacation I had from last 2 months and more. I gave my last exam of 5th May and from then, I am enjoying and today, on 11th July, my vacations had ended. Now, there will be a new start, a new life. The new chapters of my future will be revealed. I don't know what it will be like. Will it tilt in my favor or will it jump and get into the hands of my competitors. I have always loved my life and I have always lived happily and excitedly for my future. This vacations gave me so much. The best vacation I ever had. Sometimes, you feel that your days aren't passing and sometimes you don't even realize when the days and days and days passed and you are standing at the most crucial day of your life. The same is here. But I knew that my days are passing and I was feeling every second moving forward towards the end of my vacation and the start of a new success or failure. Whatever, I am always ready for both.

            This vacations had been a mixed atmosphere for Mumbai. I enjoyed the both - Summer and Rainy season. The scorching summer didn't let me move anywhere to roam and enjoy while the rains blocked me again to stay in my home itself. But still, I went and explored little from my life. I visited my last ex-residence - Nashik. I went there to meet my friends of HSC times and also took the passing certificate of 12th. I also visited the place - PIPENAGAR where I have passed my childhood. From Jr. Kg. to 10th std, I have been here and the people here are more closer to me than my sick and chutiya relatives. I enjoyed 4 days here too and I didn't wanted to come back but life has many versatile chapters which forces me to leave a place and visit other. I also visited Kalyan two times with my mother to a family friend's house and it was a quite funny time there. I also visited Kharghar two times at two different houses. One aunty is from Nashik who had recently shifted here and another was the relative of my mother's childhood friend. It was enjoyable here too. One day, I visited Mumbai CST with my friend - Yusuf as we had to return our books and get some percentage of amount back. We visited Vashi on the same day. It was a good experience again. I passed my times by chatting with Danish - my childhood friend who lives here in Panvel 50 meters away from my sweet home. One day, I with my mother went to see the movie - RAAJNEETI with our family friend - Abhinav and his mother. That was also one of the time pass moments.

              I also explored a local theater near my house where I saw KITES with sluts, sex workers and sabji waalis. It was a horrible experience but KITES was much horrible than this experience. I also exercised every morning to grow up my stamina as my body is very weak. The best thing which I am proud of doing these vacations was reading and writing. I read the newspapers till the time my subscription was on. I read 15 novels in this vacation which is one of the biggest achievement of my life and I have loved 14 of them. What can be better than this? I don't think anything can be better than this. And then, coming to my work, my passion - WRITING. I wrote so much in these vacations. Wow !! I loved myself doing it. I isolated myself from the world for some days in between just to write with whole concentration and grow up as a writer. I wrote a blog daily in the month of June i.e I wrote 31 blogs in this month. I tried many different blogs in these vacations. I stepped into the earning world and I joined Freelance writing and wrote for them too. I earned for the 1st time in my life and that too by sitting at my home and doing what I like the most.

                I promised everyone that I'll complete writing my novel which I always wanted to in these vacations itself. But apologies to all my dearies as I didn't completed it. But a good news that I have started writing my novel. This will be the biggest part of my life if this novel is published. This will change my life forever and ever. And I started it in this vacation itself. I don't think anyone would have written so much ever who isn't a professional writer. I purchased a new mobile too in this vacations - Nokia E63. In short and sweet words- This vacation has been the best of my life. I can't forget each and every day of this vacations. 

               Now, college begins from tomorrow. The starting days will be quite easy and smooth but after 2 to 3 weeks, a hectic schedule will strive me. I will have to suffer through the time management and I'll have to kill my emotions and keep working hard. Again, there will be classes and classes and classes. Again, I'll have to wake up for the nights and complete the assignments and journal. Again, I'll have to give presentations in the class and prepare for it. Again, I'll have to deal with the damn politics in my class. After so many days and months, I hope that the bloody politics which has made my class a Hell-like place will disappear and there will be love among my classmates. Even , I am in No-Talking terms with 2 to 3 peoples but I am peaceful being away from them. I am looking forward to my 2nd Year Graduation. Hope I do well again. Again, I'll have to perform in the several extra-curricular activities of my college. 

               I am damn excited about the Fresher party. Last Fresher party was special for me as I was given the title of Mr.Fresher amongst all the boys and I was so proud of receiving it. I am looking forward to see the new Mr. Fresher and write a blog comparing him to myself. Hahaha!!! I am looking forward for the junior batch which will be the new faces in our college. Hoping for the beautiful girls with excellent pulchritude in our college and praying that someone love me. 

              Starting days will be smooth as I said, but after some days, again I'll be following this schedule - 

9 AM to 7 PM - College and Its travelling
7 PM to 9 PM - Reading the whole newspaper
9 PM to 10 PM - Watching TV, Dinner and talk with my mother
10 PM to 2 AM - Studies and assignments
2 AM to 5 AM - Reading novels, Going through blogs and articles on internet and writing my blog and novel.
5 AM to 8 AM - SLEEP.

            Just 3 hours of sleep and 21 hours of activites and slogging dithers me but I am happy to be busy like a true Mumbaikar. Right? So Friends, Please wish me luck for my start on 2nd Year of Graduation. Thanks.


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