28 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Sad Friend / Grandpa's Bro Expired / Saquib - The Programmer !!!

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        Had a chat with Mahesh today and he told me that he cried for the whole night yesterday. I feel so bad to see my friends in pain and that too for the reasons which aren't the harmful ones but the one which will make them a perfect and complete human being. Its easy for me to say because I have experienced it and I am out of the situation and the terrible life but for the one who is still struggling for it knows how much he or she has to suffer. Don't worry Mahesh or anyone whoever have not secured a place in the passing candidate's list. It will take time and you will surely wave your flag all over the world. Keep going and I have full belief on everyone who is a failure or haven't met success still. I saw Indian Idol today and Shivam got eliminated. I didn't felt bad about him because I knew that Indian Idol was the show which proved him as a singer, now there are 100 of chances everywhere to sing and show up the talent. Mahesh, you have a good talent of photography. You are different from others. Try to focus on your unique attributes rather than crying on the one you don't excel in. Engineering is difficult therefore people run away from it. You are lucky to do it atleast. Keep the faith in you and start studying right from today to be in the successful candidate's list in the next semester examination.

               Got a sad news again. My grandpa were 5 brothers. My grandpa was the first from them to leave us and rest in heaven. He was the second eldest brother among his brethren. Today, in the morning, the eldest brother of him left us. It was so shocking to hear this. I never expected this news so untimely to reach me. I never expected his expiry so soon. Actually, I never thought that someone would die from my family members. This is how every human being think that flood, volcano, accident etc can never happen to me until it happens to them. Some 2 weeks ago, my father's sister's father-in-law was expired. It was also a shocking news. Death is something no human being is prepared for. Death is something related to your achievements and dreams. The day you are dead, everyone counts your achievements and all the dreams you have fulfilled. This is the day when nobody talks about your failures in life. It is an event which is meant for you but you can't attend it. I would say its better than the day you got your birth. Death can come anytime, anywhere. As this grandpa has expired today, I want to pray to God to rest his soul in peace. He was so kind and so humble. I have met him once in my lifetime when I was in 7th std. I want to console my cousins too. Don't be disheartened and weak - Rohit Bhaiyya and Devika. Try to bear this unexpected happening.

               I had my practicals today of 3 hours. I sat with Saquib - The Programmer of our class. I am the former-programmer of my class. I don't know who murdered all the logic's I had in my mind and I used to work on it so quickly that everyone used to watch me with big and wide eyes. People used to start thinking about the program and I used to submit it till then. That was the speed of my creativity and applying the logics but now I am one of the common students of my dull class. Saquib, as soon as he entered the lab, said that Abhilash, let's design the software of KBC game. I said - You are joking? He said - I am serious. Aaj to banana hi hai. While Sir called our row to learn how a program is done, Saquib didn't came with us and he started programming it. I had trust on him that he will make it but not a neat one. After we returned, I came keenly to watch what is being made by him and when he executed the program, I was stunned to see the accuracy and ease of the program. I was speechless. I was just thinking about whether its a dream or really there is someone in my contacts who had done it so quickly and so accurately. I called Sir and showed him his program. Sir was also stunned to see a Bill Gates sitting with us in the lab. Saquib, I am so impressed by you. You are rocking and I am happy to see someone in our class who is studying BCA so enthusiastically and passionately. Hope your future gives you a smooth income and smooth life. I am so proud of you.

           May my grandfather's soul rest in peace. Pray for him.


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