25 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Thanks to my Teachers - Happy Guru Purnima !!!

            257th BLOG -->>

        It has been little more than 24 hours after I have published my friend - Salman's post. What a post. The first post from one of my friends. This is the first time when someone else has written on my blog. His post has been successful. I am so happy to announce that his post has received 14 comments till now. His post has received more than 100 clicks. The second highest number of clicks on my blog. My 200th blog post is the one which received more than the click Salman's post has received. I am so happy that the first post from my friends has been successful. Many friends are shivering to write an article after reading what Salman had penned. I am so happy to see someone writing for me with so much dedication. I hope my readers enjoyed to read a new style of writing otherwise they keep reading the posts from a single writer i.e. ME. Every reader of mine is going to get new style of writing from now as there are many more articles in the queue to be published here. Next is coming on Wednesday by Rohan - my school friend. Salman - Congrats for the huge success of your post. So proud of you.

              It is Guru Pournima today. The full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashad is observed as the auspicious day of Guru Purnima, a day sacred to the memory of the great sage Vyasa. All Hindus are indebted to this ancient saint who edited the four Vedas, wrote the 18 Puranas, the Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavata. Vyasa even taught Dattatreya, who is regarded as Guru of Gurus. In short, generally, this day is the day of teachers. Teachers are meant to be the second teacher after mother. There's a saying in Hindu mythology that if God and Teacher - both are standing in front of you, who will you bow to? The saint answered that I'll bow to my teacher as he is the only one who had taught me everything. Teachers are that important. Without teacher we would not have been able to read, write and study. Without teacher we would not have learned the first step - A B C D E.... We learned that therefore I am writing blogs and blogs and blogs. All the credit goes to teachers. Teachers give the life to the human body. Otherwise these bodies knows nothing except eating, crying and sleeping. Teacher teaches what are limits of the life and what are the extent of our life. 

              I want to thank all my teachers who had made my academic career a successful period of life. I want to thank my first teacher - Dalaya mam. I don't know where she is right now but I do know that she is still that strict and active. My favorite teacher after that - Rashmi madam. She taught me computers and today I'm in the computer field. She was the first teacher who taught me computer so I think whenever I'll earn my first payment or whatever I'll achieve in my academic and earning career will be because of her too. After her, Tehseen madam was my favorite in 5th std who taught me maths. She was so cool and humble. I was her favorite student. After she left, Hirana mam came who is my all-time favorite and I can't compare her with anyone. She was my crush too. Uff!!! Dil toh Bachcha hai Jii !!! She is still in contact with me and I love chatting with her. Rashmi mam is also in contact and I am happy that both these teachers are in contact. After this, I liked Fernandes sir who taught me English subject. Again, I am slogging to be an English writer and any small or big achievement from me in this field has a quality part of his effort too. He has guided me very nicely. I am thankful to you sir for making this subject as my favorite one. 

              Now, in the last paragraph of this post, I would like to thank all my teachers who are teaching me right now. Zaheer Sir, you are great. I love your teaching. Sonal mam, you are smartest teacher of this sem. Shinde Sir, you are the most educated of all the teachers - Proud of you. Gokhila mam, thanks for elaborating each and every topic and making it easy for me to understand the concepts. Sheetal mam, I am speechless when it comes to talk about you. I have no words to define you. Divya mam and Taruna mam rocked last year. Very sad to not have both of you with us right now. Snehal mam for making my blogs a center of attraction in the class. Gajanan sir, thanks for conducting lectures in such a way that everyone came to know about my naughty side. Sonal Inamdar mam, you are no more with us today. I can just pray for your soul to rest in peace. God bless you. You were so nice. Missing you today. 

             Happy Guru Pournima to all the teacher who have suffered me. Everyone knows what type of student I was and I am. ;-) 


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Salman said...

Dude Dont Forget Tehseen's ma Sister!!!!!!

Writing Buddha said...

How can I forget her yaaar...I remember her therefore I have included her name in the list naa...

Salman said...

What i m tellin iz u to notice d INHERITANCE OF GENES!!!! :) :)

Writing Buddha said...

hahaha......kuch jyaada hi funny ho gya ye..

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