12 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

She is Married - My Ex-Gf !!!

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        Last year, my college started, I came with a hope that I'll find a good looking girl in my class and she will be mine if I'll show some guts. I was unfledged as a romantic persona and its stigma but still I had the hope of winning a girl's heart. Finally, on the first day of the college when I saw that the first lecture started and these are the students of my class, I first peeped on all the benches where the girls were sitting. I found nobody as per my requirements and imaginations. I was hopeless and I sat like a quietus. After some few minutes, while the lecture was on, the door opened and she entered. I saw her face, I saw her height, I saw her lips, I saw her style, I saw her hands, I saw her eyes and I finalized - Yahi Yahi Yahi to hai woh. But during the lunch break when I was roaming with all the new boys of my class, I found that everyone is mad for this girl and like the race of sperms in 3 Idiot movie, I have to win the race with these stupid sperms of my class and win the girl. I had the lack of confidence as I never tried to win the heart of the most beautiful girl of my class.

           Days went by, my friend Yusuf started talking to her, finding the opportunity even I started chit - chatting with her. I was approaching towards my dream. Then one day, she offered me to have a walk with her at the Mango Garden near our college. It was for the first time when I saw her from such a close distance. I got plunged into the beauty and simplicity of her face. She was speaking something and I was thinking something. The days went on and on and finally I was committed to her. She was all mine and I was all her's. Now the real romance started. I went deep into the avarice and rapacity of love and without following anybody's aegis, I loved her as much as I could have. I loved each and everything of her's. Her long hairs with curls wherever required. Her sweet nose which meddled every time I wanted to love her face. Her unique lips which I never imagined to be mine's. Her beautiful-shaped teeth which took my heart each time she smiled. Her voice which said about me. I was mad in love. I was mad in life.

            Suddenly, one day she asked for a break up and there I was - Initialized overture, plainted her of being a criminal, upbraided her among our classmates. I did everything to ruin her life and make her cry and be guilty of what she had done to me and my emotions. But she didn't cared about it. After some days, I came to know that she is sick and she is going to be operated. I don't know why my heart said that she will be no more alive and I tried to get closer to her again. But something stopped me. I went to meet her after her operation without any hem. I am thankful to her that she didn't asked me to scram. She was operated and she was back. Every time, I saw her, I wanted to cry because the girl was melted now. The sickness and incessant illness had squeezed her. The girl who made boys fall when she smiled. The girl who made other girls dull and lull was struggling to maintain her beauty. She was all changed and this transformation made my heart more and more weaker and I came to know that you can't be stringent to the person you had loved once. We gave the final exams of our 1st year and everything was over. I didn't even remembered her once all this vacations.

               But, today, on the first day of the college, when I went to the college, I was made vicinaged by a troth. She is married now. Uff !!! Yes , she is married now and she is happy with the marriage. I don't know how she is so hard and firm that even after promising me for a married life ahead. Even after promising me to have babies with me. Even after promising me that she will never leave me, she left me so easily and held the hand of someone else without any hem. Strange !!! I don't love her now. That's the truth but still, I want to ask her that how can she be so untruthful and brave to ditch someone. Rest, What can I do? I am wishing her a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE ahead. Hope, her husband loves her more than I did. Hope, her husband will give more happiness to her than what I gave in few days. How much I loved you and how much I hate you now. But, you are the same. With me, you were fake but now, The real face of yours came in visibility and that is enough for me. Today, on 12th July, I close all the chapters I had with you. Thanks for being in my life and Thanks for going out of my life. I hope even you loved me once. Even if you remembered me once at the time of your marriage or after that, that meant that you loved me. Hope, you did. 

        Signing off with astonishment,


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Chetan Maheshwari said...

you write very well,
i enjoyed reading it..

Writing Buddha said...

I am happy Chetan that u loved my blog post.. Hope u will keep reading them and u will comment on them..Thanks a lot..

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