27 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Good News from Teacher - Bad News from Friend !!!

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        People get so much used to your style of writing or style of presenting that even a slightest change can make them feel strange. Yesterday when I wrote the blog about Mumbai rains, I thought of writing them in a regular font rather than bolding the characters. I thought no one will mark it but to my surprise one of my dear friend - Vinayak caught it and posted a comment saying Aaj BOLD kyu nahi kiya? I was surprised. I loved this. Atleast people are so deeply connected with my blogs and me. I am so proud of my dear friends. Actually, it was a sad blog which made Mumbai ill for a day and therefore I thought to keep any fancy activities away from this blog post. 

             Two news has entered like Anaconda today in my personal world. It is so hard to manage both the news, mostly when one of them is a good and exciting while another one is a news to think upon and to be quiet and be sad about. I am very confused right from evening about which news to be given big priority. I am confused in the same way as a man would be if he would be asked to select from beauty of Katrina and figure of Mallika. I received two news. One from my teacher that she is engaged finally. I was so happy to hear this. It was a good news as everything went so fast that she informed it to me today. I congratulated her and I was so happy. Whenever I used to talk to her online, I only used to ask this - Mam, when are you getting married? She never used to give an appropriate answer but today when she gave the same, I was surprised to hear the final result. The match was to finsh at the last ball but she finished it in 45th over itself. Great play mam. Good performance. Hahaha !!! By the way, Congratulations mam and be happy. Best wishes for your future.

             The second exhausting news which switched off the brightness of the mind and the cerebration of the brain was the news about the year drop of my friend - Mahesh . He completed his 1 year in Engineering but when his result were announced today, he came to know that he had failed in the subjects and therefore his year has been wasted. Now he will be studying the 1st year again while his friends would be heading in the 2nd year. He would not be so sad as he was already prepared for the same but it effected me. I never wanted him to fail. I know the pain of failure. Even if you decide that you will be happy and you will struggle a lot right from tomorrow, parents, relatives and neighbours never allow you to forget the bad circumstances you have been into. You can never be happy. The people in India has the habit to poke. They can never solve a problem or move your life a bit forward but they can criticize you whenever you want them or you don't want them.

             I have just said Mahesh not to worry. I gave him my example. I failed in 11th std twice infront of him. He knew how my life was at that moment. Nobody hoped a positive result from me anytime in the long future. Everyone believed that I am a gone case and I was ill-treated. I never took anybodies word into my heart and never let anybody control my emotions and my life. I just kept working and I passed successfully and today I am in the 2nd year Graduation. Mahesh, need not worry. Life plays with you. Not to demotion your status but to teach you how to handle the failure and how to gain success when you are a failure. Your current status is YOU ARE FAILED. If you mark your presence at the chart of success after having this tag, you are the real player of life. No one can ever win against you in the lifetime. Right now I am losing again and again in one experiment of my life and my career. I would not like to share it right now. That incessant failure isn't causing any pain to me. But it is compelling me to try for it again and again till the time I don't get my name there in the list of successful people. I am facing this positively and firmly because I have already beat one failure before. So Mahesh, this failure is something which will change your life forever. Be ready to witness the second part of your life which you never know how it will be like. I trust you and your efforts. Keep going !!!



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Anonymous said...

hey veeru....really thanks 4 ur motivation...i am so sad abt my DROP in my acadamic carrier..;( its is d first tym when ive failed...n dat 2 badly...shame on me...

Writing Buddha said...

theres no need to feel ashamed....whenever sum1 asks that beta why u failed..just reply that I have heard people saying that as much as u fail, that much you come near to ur success and therefore I have increased the rate of my failure...I think that I am close to success now....Dont be ashamed...I am proud of u..u ll do good ahead in future..

Anonymous said...

ya ill...thankz bro..:) i m all right now..

Writing Buddha said...

hahaha......surely reply the same...now a days people want the same to hear...they dont want respect...they need the same they give..

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