5 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I purchased a new mobile - Nokia E63 !!!

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        After having high-quality brawls and arguments with my parents I achieved what I desired for. I scored First class marks in my Graduation 1st year and hence I demanded my father for a mobile. He rejected and said I have given you so many things without your demands, why don't you count them in your gift list? I said nothing, I just kept listening to his old generation lectures. He said me that, now your life ahead is smooth and excellent. Today, you are 3rd rank - 61 %, tomorrow you are going to do good, you will score 1st rank in your class , then you will ask for a car, so is this the right way to demand for gifts? Are you studying for your future, your income or for the gifts from your parents. I was confused what to answer but then after making me count different luxurious items as my gift , he gave me an offer to buy a mobile in the range of 8000-9000. This made me little surprised and confused. Jab haan hi bolna tha toh itna sunaaa ke mere mann me apne liye kuch ghanto k liye nafrat kyun jagaayi? Uff !!! The answer to this question can be given by himself.

           Finally, Yesterday on 4th July,2010 (A date to remember), I and my friend Gaurav went to Kharghar's little world mall and purchased Nokia E63 from the Mobile Store. It cost me 8960 INR. When the mobile was unpacked and the shopkeeper handed the mobile to me, I felt like crying a lot. This was my dream to possess a mobile with QWERTY Keypad and now when it was in my hand, I felt like I am the best student of this world. Uff!! Sorry, 1st and 2nd rankers of my class. But a pleasure which I should have felt after purchasing the mobile was missing after I came out of the showroom because I didn't felt blessed to operate the mobile as I felt that I slapped my father by finally being successful in purchasing it after his denial. Even my friend Gaurav felt that smile missing from my sweet face (my ex-gfs have told me that I have a sweet face. This is not my statement). But after I informed him about my mobile, he didn't said a single word and just said that if you are happy I have no problem in whatever you spent for the mobile. I was so happy to hear this.

            At last, I am happy to handle Nokia E63 in my hand. I love the QWERTY keypad, I love the broad screen, I love the desktop, I love the email facility it has, I love the smooth internet while surfing on it. How much I love my new mobile. Uff!!! I have replace my previous Nokia N72 with my father. I am so sad to be aparted from my dear mobile N72. How much it has given to me. Wonderful Mobile. I got so many girlfriends because of this mobile. And now when I am passing this mobile to my father, I am feeling like I am going far away from the girls and the world of flirting. But let think pragmatic, now I have a mobile with QWERTY keypad which will allow me to type much faster than before so the rate of flirting will also increase. I am excited about this mobile. Still there is lot to discover from this mobile, every hour I am getting to know a new function and application of this mobile. I am so happy. So So Happy. And all the source of this happiness comes from my parents. I have a lovely parent. Not that you don't have. But I have it too. Thank God for blessing me with such a lovely parents. I am so lucky to have them.

            Friends, Sorry.. I am apologizing because it's a crucial day today as it is Bharat Bandh and I haven't written anything about it but don't hate me for this as I am going to write about it in the next blog after reading the newspaper with more crucial informations. Thank you friends. And wish me luck for my new mobile. 



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