21 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Solaced By Sachin Tendulkar's Step !!!

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         The thought of imagination and the thought of creativity doesn't click your mind every time when you want it to. Mind is very captive of imaginations and observations but only when you allow it to. Sometimes, when I see someone performing, I think that what if I would have been at his place? The way he is being praised and extolled, I would have been praised in the same way. I keep thinking about it for the next three days. I saw a rock band show in my college in the start of this year and I kept dreaming as myself standing and singing as the main singer of the rock band was doing. But, when I am myself a performer and I want to see that how am I doing? What are people thinking about me? Are they cheering or they are abusing? , I am totally blind and can see nothing about what is the reaction of people on my performance. Whenever I dance on the stage, I can never see anyone in the audience. I can only see white fog in front of me and nothing else. I am so conscious about my performance then. After the performance, I come to know that people wanted to throw the eggs on me and they were searching for it curiously everywhere in vicinity. 

             Right now, I am a blogger. I am writing daily. People are loving me for this (this is what they say to me, actually they love me or hate me, I have no idea). Whenever, I close my eyes in peace and think about what would have been my reaction if anyone of my friend would have been a blogger and would have wrote a blog daily. What would I think of him? I have no idea. And thus, I can never predict about what people really think of me. But I know that people are happy ki I am associated with this kind of productive habit. Today, I had a chat with one of my classmates after 4 years. May be more than it. She was a good friend till primary section but as soon as we stepped into our 7th std, all the modes of communication were ceased between us as I was one of the most naughtiest students of my class. I met her online today and I told her in short about how were these 4 years to me and how I have started blogging and performing. She said," Proud to have u as my friend" These were so sweet and so beautiful words that I can never forget. In my 200th Blog, I said that I have got something in my life which I never got before blogging and it is the sentence - I am proud of you. I have been blessed with this words again and I want to thank her for this. I am not taking her name here as everyone don't want to divulge their name about what they speak to me and what they chat with me in personal. I think the same too. Why should I tell everyone on my blog that who complimented me or who chatted with me after a long time?

             Salman , my childhood friend had sent me the first post as requested. I have sent a message to everyone in my contacts to write a post for me. I am going to publish each and every post written by my friends on my blog. Let's see, how many posts come to me. Just waiting for them. I read in the newspaper about a book getting published in February-2011 on Sachin Tendulkar. The book is named,"The Tendulkar Opus" and it is his autobiography. It will have a limited BLOOD edition which will weigh 37 kgs, contains 852 pages edged in gold leaf and consist of his unpublished family pictures. These 10 editions is priced at 75,000 $ each which will have an autograph of Tendulkar himself that will mix his blood with paper pulp. The book will also feature the batsman's DNA profile, obtained from his saliva. One of the fans wrote on his twitter account - Thank God, the book doesn't have Sachin's semens on it. Many people are disappointed with this announcement of the book. It is true that many people term Sachin Tendulkar as their God because of his determination and greatness but this is not the right thing to cheat people. It has also been announced that the money will be sent to a charity for a good cause but still selling of Sachin's blood and saliva isn't a good and standard way to do this. 

            I have previously heard about the auction of his bats, gloves and other garments and accessories of cricket but reading about this has solaced me too. I don't know how Sachin agreed to do this. Tomorrow, if an autobiography of Amitabh Bachchan will be published, it will have some hairs of his White French Beard. Is this the right way to sell Big B's autobiography? I think this is the worst step taken by Sachin, even for a good cause, but standards of the greatest batsman on the globe should be maintained. People are assuming you as GOD but you aren't a real GOD. We have never got a sign from the real GOD still and you people are fooling us by saying that the followers of Sachin constitute as a new religion itself. Sorry, dear publishers, I am not interested in following this religion - Sachinism. Keep it to yourself only. I am happy with my Sai Baba. Atleast, I don't get his hairs or beards whenever I visit Shirdi. There is some standard when I go there. Even he was a human being but still nobody points out at him. But because of this activity from Sachin and the publishers, people will start pointing out at Sachin. Sachin, I love you and hope that you will think about this.

             Thanks. Signing off with great pleasure after hearing - Proud to be a friend of yours and with a great disappointment regarding Sachin's step.


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