17 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

She is no more - My Maths Teacher !!!

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        Living in the world gives you so many delight. You think and think and think. But you can't stop thinking when it comes to the advantages of this world and the life of human. Everyone is born on the earth and as soon as the child grows up and becomes able to think the merits and demerits of good and bad activities. He or she starts to act. We meet so many people in our day to day life that we start loving each and everyone. If you have to go to your native place in holidays, you try to convince your parents to leave you alone at home so that you will continue sharing the quality times with your friends. How close we get with such peoples. Everyday, you go to a hotel. You see a boy who serves you daily. Suddenly, one day you see that he is absent. You will hate the food served to you that day. The cook is same, the dish is same, the hotel is same. But the taste of food is absent because the boy who served you daily is absent. And by the chance, if he had left the hotel, it will take you lots of time to cope up with the new boy who serves you. Same is the condition with every one- school-bus driver, watchmen, raddiwala, newspaper boy, milkman etc. Even if your servant isn't serving you well, you are unable to vociferate and hurl him out. You keep him because you have started loving him. This is a human heart which loves the stranger too if he keeps watching him daily.

            I still remember each and every time I left the former cities where I have resided. Every time I packed my house, I felt like crying because I started loving the house, its wall, its painting, its balcony, its windows. I felt very depressed to leave the neighbours, the shops where I ran everytime my parents ordered me to bring something, the shopkeepers who interacted with me everytime I went to buy something, the chauraaha where I saw the crowd daily etc. And the biggest pain was to leave the friends who are close to me. Every time I had to say them BYE, I felt like I am saying BYE to my life. It is so painful when you leave someone. Even when you love a TV show and its season is finished and the next week you switch on your television to watch the same show and you find something new playing on your screen and you remember that your show is over, you feel as your life is empty and you have nothing. The moments of elimination and sending-off is painful and unforgettable. 

            Yesterday, I went to college and came to know that our Maths Teacher who used to teach us in SEM -1 is expired and she is no more. It was a shock to hear this. I still remember the days when she taught us. She taught us only for 2 to 3 weeks and after that she left the college. The name of the madam is Miss. Sonal Inamdar or was. She was very young. I don't think she was more than 25 years old. The activeness and the will to teach on her face is still infront of my eyes. Her attitude is still memorable in my life. She didn't taught well as she was fresher but I still know that she had a lots of knowledge. I had one of the Maths assignment register which she ordered us to make on the first day of the college. I teared the pages of the assignment I did on it on the same day she lost her life. I didn't knew then that she is no more. And when I came to know yesterday that she had lost her life, I was damn surprised as I thought of her just a day before. Its so surprising when a person with such a delicate age loses the life and you have met them so closely. Before this, my mother's sister - Mausi lost her life in 1994 when she was just 18 years old and that was too an astonishing moment for our family. My mother was all broken after that. Even today, when she is alone at the house and I come from college, I see her crying and when I ask the reason - She says," I was going through the album of the family and thus, I saw her photos and I am missing her." She cries when she sees a movie of sisters, programme called Bidaai and whenever she sees a beautiful girl whose face resembles with my mausi's face.

            So, its very hard to forget the person who is no more. My Mausi lost her life 16 years back and still my mother cries for her. So, I can understand what will be the atmosphere at Sonal madam's home. How depressed and how airless everyone of them would be feeling. The parents who nourished her for 22 to 25 years and saw the dream of her marriage and saw their future with their daughter would have gone mad and they would be feeling this world as a big hell. Every source of entertainment would be pricking them. Every smile on everyone's face on the road would seem like a torture to them. Every young girl will seem to be like a pain to them as they will remember their sweet daughter who is no more. How hard will it be for them to accept that the sweet little baby who was born 20 years back is no more. She had left them alone and gone in the world of heaven. I am feeling so bad for her, what her parents would be thinking is unable to measure and predict. I can only pray for her and her family. May the soul of my teacher rest in peace and may her parents be strong to accept this shock. 

           With a sad news.. I am signing off ..


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