29 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

SACHIN TENDULKAR - 5th Double-Century & Raina's Century !!!

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Sachin and Raina
        Its very sad to hear about plane crash in Pakistan where 152 people lost their life. May their soul rest in peace. From last few months, I have heard about so many plane crashes that I have postponed my plan to apply for passport this year. ;-). Malaria is at its high in Mumbai. People take care. Don't let mosquitoes kiss you. It is dangerous and not sensuous. Still the film - Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai is in trouble because of naming Ajay Devgn's character as Haji Mastan's character. Bored with this idiotic news. Mumbai received its most monsoonic (I created this word) monsoon in 2010 in the last 5 years. I am so happy to hear this. The whole Mumbai was facing the water cut from the last many months. Even in my society water was provided by tankers daily. I was afraid that if it will not rain as stipulated, it will be danger for Mumbaikars in the near future but now when the officers has said that Mumbai is not going to face any water shortage for the next year as it has rained nicely this time, I can take a deep breathe. 

             After all the news, the best news again is about the Master Blaster - Sachin Tendulkar. He scored his double century on the 4th day of 2nd test against Sri Lanka. He had proved himself again that he is not old as a cricketer. If you have seen the match, you would have doubt that who is playing the debut test match- Raina or Tendulkar? This is the X factor of Tendulkar that whenever he comes on field, he plays as the most youngest and active player of the team. Tendulkar has scored his 5th test double century. He is the only player to score double century in ODI. But, even when Tendulkar has done this incredibility, I am not so happy and can't term him as the greatest batsmen in test cricket. Its ok that he is 1 of the three players who have played more than 25,000 balls in test but there are many factors which raise my eye brows. Sehwag had scored 6 double centuries while Sachin had scored 5. Is Sehwag greater than Sachin? Sehwag had scored 2 triple centuries in test while Sachin haven't scored a single one. Is Sehwag greater than Sachin? Lara have scored the highest in tests - 400* while Sachin have scored just 248*. Is Lara greater than Sachin? Now, one more addition to this. Even if Sachin is the greatest batsmen in the history, it is not necessary that every record would be named after him. Even others are playing with passion so even they are equal to him. That's a different issue that Sachin is the most consistent of everyone. So, in the fields I have talked about above, Yes, Sehwag and Lara are greater than Sachin in many forms of test cricket.

            Raina is playing his debut test match. He is no more on the crease. But, the man is 9th Indian and 59th World's batsmen to score a century in the debut test match itself. I remember that Sehwag is also one of the 9 who had scored century in the first test from India. Raina is already said as LEFT-HANDED TENDULKAR. I think this is right. He had been the reason of the win of Chennai Super Kings in the finals of IPL. He is the player who had scored the most runs if calculated after adding all the runs scored in all the IPLs. Raina is the best player I would say. As Yuvraj is out of his form now a days, I think he will be hurled out after watching Raina's performance in his first test itself. Raina has showed that he has the most hunger to play cricket amongst all the new boys in our team. Raina was caught at 120 and thus he left the pavilion with a bright future in the test career ahead. He is just 23 now. Great Raina !!!

            Rohan's article got 100 clicks in the last 24 hours. In spite of week days when his article is published, it was successful to get 100 clicks. I am happy to say this. Now, the next article will be by Rishab bhai - my senior. It will be up on Saturday. Till then wait for his article. Tomorrow, I'll be celebrating ONE YEAR OF MY BLOGGING CAREER. Hope all of you are happy to hear this. Tomorrow's blog will be about You and Me. Hum or Tum. 



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