11 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Zara Nachke Dikha - Grand Finale (About Girls) !!!

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       Friends and my dear readers, don't expect me to write any informative or one of my best blogs. I am sad and frustrated right now. And when I write in frustration or sadness, I never write a good blog. So its better to write about the reason why I am sad. The reason is very silly and childish lekin kyaa karein? Dil toh bachcha hai jee. So, sometimes there is a child within me which comes out and give such types of damn feelings. But I don't care if someone laughs at such feeling of mine as I am proud to have a dear child within me. I always followed the game show on Star Plus named Zara Nachke Dikha and I loved the competition between boys and girls. Both the teams had to dance for the different rounds and every week there is a winner. Either its a Girl team or a Boy team. Today, it was the Grand Finale of this reality show and I loved it a lot. But at the end - BOYS LOST and there I am - FRUSTRATED and SAD. How much I was possessive for Boy's team and they losed so badly. They losed just by a Single point and that too with an unfair decision of the flop actress Shilpa Shetty, side actor - Arshad Warsi and once in a year with a good choreography- Vaibhavi Merchant. These judges ruined the whole Grand Finale by just an unfair decision.

           But if talking about the whole show, it was great. Girls were looking very beautiful. Sanjeeda was rocking with her fair complexion and high attitude. Sanjeeda has some different kind of attitude which you can't define as proudy and aggressive but its something which shows that she knows I am someone everyone is dreaming of and I will not easily let you enjoy me. This is what lacks in now-a-days girls. Girls should be of these kind that they shouldn't let themselves be exposed to the guys. Hugging, kissing, poking and talking about sex makes a girl characterless in a boy's image and hence there are rape cases and molesting issues. If a girl lives in a good way and hide herself from any exposures and live like a good baby, she is always respected by boys. Boys aren't animals that they will eat you up just for their need of body and craze of having sex with someone. No, they never do this. Every boy respects his mother and sister. Why? Because they don't expose themselves in front of their son and brother respectively. So this is how every girl should be. Wear half cloths or be naked while you are sleeping alone in your bedroom. But when you are at the parties and you are stepping out of your house, wear a decent clothes and put a proper make-up so that you aren't getting spotted in the crowd. Hope all the girls are getting what I am saying.

            Like, there is a contestant named Mukti in the same show. She is the sister of the DID winner - Shakti Mohan and Asmaa band's member- Neeti Mohan. Whenever that bloody chance-maaru Arshad Warsi used to come to give her a jhappi, she used to free her legs from the ground and she was now in the arms of Arshad Warsi totally. What the hell!!! This girls are chulbuli types but chulbulapann can be shown in a different manner. Why aren't boys dance in underwear? They know what respect means as they have their mothers and sister in their house. But girls never care about what their brother or father will feel after watching them in a boy's arm who has nothing to do with the girl. Poora topic hi change ho gaya frustration me. Show ke baare me to kuch likha hi nahi. Sanjeeda was awesome. Mukti danced well. Rakhi did her best in the finale. From the boy's team, everyone was up to the mark and rocked the show. The last performance by Akshatt and Abhishek Awasthi was the show-stopper act of the day. The Super-Dancer of the series was won by Akshatt himself. Sanjeeda was runner-up. Shilpa Shetty gave a performance which is the same she is doing from last 10 years in the industry. Arshad Warsi also performed, I enjoyed his performance. At last, this season of Zaraa Nachke Dikhaa, according to me will be the best season in the history of Zaraa Nachke Dikhaa as there is no exciting celebrities left which can hold the show like these guys did.

             I am leaving. Its 4 AM. Uff !!! 


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