21 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Danish Birthday / Nights / Hope !!!

            253rd BLOG -->>

       Journey started with 1 and its 253 today. Can't define the pleasure. You can't write and impress others if you don't love reading. Right now, from last 3 hours I have just read the blogs of different writers on internet and following some of them. Everyone writes and make their own world on blog. Their blog page is filled up with the smell of their life. You can feel the fragrance of the situations of a person's life through his or her blog page. I am happy that I have one of them and thus I can make people know about what's going on in my life and what's the fragrance of my heart. Love to my blog. It has been so kind to me. Writing at this time in night is a feel of excitement and curiosity. You know that after some while, sun will rise and whole world will start working but you are up and on work while everyone is sleeping and lying. You feel yourself lonely at this moment and thus you can talk to yourself at this moment in night. I pass my nights with my blogs. Its so wonderful to write and share. Its so wonderful to tweet and update. Days are meant for work and Nights are meant for exploration. I explore in nights.

             Its birthday of my friend - Danish. A boy who had been a leader since his childhood. A Muslim guy but never tried to meddle his religion in friendship. He had been frank and social. Little shy when it comes to talk to elders but very smart when it comes to manage the boys and girls of his age-group. He is straight-forward to some while hide the feelings in front of some. I had many fights with him in our childhood but the friendship won every time and we were back with each other. I still remember him performing in school times in the competitions such as Extempore Speech or Story-telling competition. That's the only thing I remember when the name Danish comes to my mind. His mode of speech and the style of speaking is above every words. He excels here and I always admire him for this. He had never been proud even after achieving his dreams. That's where the human being wins his life. He is in merchant navy course now. He lives on ship for 6 months and on land for another 6 months. Now, he is in India and I'm loving him to be here as I get the chance mostly to sit with him in evening and share my useless college talks. I don't know how he listen everything I say and don't interrupt me by saying - SHUT UP !!! Whatever, its his birthday today and I wish him all the success in his life. Happy Birthday to you, Danish. May this birthday be the most special one in your whole life. MARRY SOON !!! Hahaha !!!

             Everyday, I plan to bunk. Everyday, I get a free lecture and thus I am saved by the college people from bunking and moving towards the defaulter list. Today, we got it again. I with my 3 friends roamed on the wide roads of Belapur. It was so delighting to roam with good friends in a rainy season. We had so many talks. I don't know what will I do after my graduation? Whenever, I'll feel like meeting these friends after it, will they accept my plan to meet again? I don't think so. Nobody will call each other as everyone will get their new friends in their colleges. Nobody will have the time for me. I don't know how will I manage to meet all these good friends then. I hope Santa Claus will fulfill my wish if I'll ask him. Hoping is the best part of our life. We never stop thinking and planning and dreaming. We are On and On and On. I still hope that I'll get the love of my life. Even after so many babes have rejected me or ditched me. I have no regrets. I respect all of them still. Sorry, I lied in the last sentence. How can I forgive all the women who have played with my heart, my emotions and my sentiments. Sorry, this was not acceptable and will never be. I am still waiting for a good girl to enter my life and be with me always and always and always. Koi sunn bhi rahi hai ya raat ke andhere me andhon ki tarah akele mein chilla raha hu?

            Lets move out now. Its 12.45 AM now. I know its not a big time but still I'll have to sleep. I have planned to sleep before the hectic schedules of my college and classes begins. Right now, I am enjoying the free air of time-table. Hope the moments in future will be as bright as this moment. Again I am hoping. Eating Haldiram's Bhujia Sev while writing this blog. So, I want to acknowledge it too before leaving. 

            Signing off with a hoping attitude to come back soon.


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hamaarethoughts.com said...

hi abhilash..thanks for visiting my blog....thank you.....u write very well..in thoughts and words ...go hand in hand... and u have such a lovely frd....gr8...its hard to find these days...tc..

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Harman, I am happy to receive such a fast reply from u.. Thanks for complimenting my writing style. Hoping to have frequent contacts with u..and Danish can u hear wat Harman said?

Thank u Harman..

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