3 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Buying Flat is Getting Harder For Me !!!

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        I can't define India accurately. Whenever I hear people saying that our country is filled with corruption and forgery, I try to analyze and focus on the positive aspects of India and thus I must say that I love India then. But when I myself get trapped in the issues which other people talk about India in negative columns, I feel that India isn't a great country as some patriot says. My subscription of Hindustan Times started today itself and on the very first day, the vendor didn't gave me the newspaper. When I went to his shop and asked him for the paper, he started shouting on me and said that take your coupons back and tell any other vendor to supply you the papers. In this world of competition and race, this man dared to say this as there is no other vendor in my area and thus he has the monopoly to supply the papers to everyone here. Where to complain and whom to complain? Nobody is going to act on your complaint and the result will be that there will be no chance of me getting back into relationship with this vendor and thus for the whole lifetime, he will never supply me the newspaper. I just chatted quietly and decently with him and I hope that I get my newspaper at my door right from tomorrow. I am just hoping, let's see does he co-operates or not. I'm afraid to say anything to him as his shop is adjacent to the rickshaw stand and if I'll say something rudely or aggressively, they will beat me as I'm already a BHAIYYA whom they hate a lot. I am just mad to bear all this religion and region based discrimination.

              I read in today's newspaper that the service tax has increased for the home purchasing in Mumbai. I am disappointed to know this. I have a dream to purchase a home in one of the skyscrapers in Mumbai at its top floor but I don't think this bloody government will let me purchase a flat in Mumbai and I think I'll have to move little back to Kolhapur, Sangli, Karad etc according to the aukaat like the HSC passed students do to select their engineering college after scoring less in CET examination. The service tax is applied to be 2% something. I forgot the exact figure. That means if you are purchasing a house of 50 lakhs, you will have to pay 1.30 lakhs as its service tax. Aaaj yeh haalat hai, what will happen tomorrow. And what the f*cking tomorrow I am talking about. There is still 7 years for me to earn and I am thinking about buying flat. I don't think Rahul Gandhi and his party or anything will let me buy a flat in Mumbai. Saare sapney kahiin kho gaye...Uff !!! Aur hum Kya se Kya ho gaye? I have stuck 4 newspaper cutting of different styles of bedroom and buildings in my bedroom which I can see when I lie on my bed to sleep or while reading novels or course book. I always see it and my body automatically starts working faster than before as I get conscious for my dream. But after reading this news I don't think from next time my body is going to react after glaring the same snaps.

                One of my school friend - Salman poked me yesterday that my blogs are getting monotonous and I am not writing something new. I don't know why he felt this because in the month of June, I have tried to write different types of blogs. Even if they aren't different , they are interesting. Uff! This is what I feel but Salman don't. But It's hard for me to fulfill everyone's demand. I try to do. I have accepted Salman's advice in a pragmatic way and I'll work upon it. Hope he will be satisfied with my works very soon. I have decided to give some knowledgeable blogs in this month of July and read the responses of my friends. Thanks a lot to everyone who revert me back wit their feed backs. Now let me move from here as I have some work. 




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