28 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

SACHIN TENDULKAR - 48th Century - 1 More Record !!!

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       Ulcers in the mouth has ruined the activeness of the body. Not feeling well because of it but still I am OK. It is paining but I am able to laugh and smile. I am not able to eat properly which is leading to bad digestion problem but I have no clue about how to cure this. Today, our HOD mam came to our classroom and asked us about our problems. This is the first time she has asked us about our problem in 1 year. I was so happy to see a kind side of her. We all shared our problem with her and she promised us to manage it as soon as possible. She also gave us some guidance about how to study and how to manage our time and how to develop our logic which was so useful. I think if someone will implement it in their routine, they will surely get the best marks in the examinations. She also announced our Unit Test which was a sign of disaster ahead. I am sure I will be unprepared for it even when I am being alerted about it. Classmates planning for a trip to Water Kingdom or Essel World , whichever possible on the next Saturday i.e. 7th August. Lets see if the plan is executed or it is just a nice exciting topic to chat everyday. 

             After coming from college today, I switched on the television, saw some romantic songs, excited myself and then dropped down when I came in real life that there is no girl around me who is going to plant a Kiss or Smooch on my lips. I am unlucky to be single in this world when everyone is having a damsel with him. I am not so desperate to have a one as I have suffered a lot because of that 15 days love I had last year after my college re-opened. I can see my heart and soul smiling every time and this is just because I am single and tension free. I am loving myself so much and I hope that I'll keep loving myself always and always. Track change ho gaya. After watching some romantic songs, I turned on Star News and saw the breaking News as : Sachin is near to score his 48th Test century. I just switched the channels and started watching the match. As soon as the bowler ran for his delivery, audience made an exciting voice as Tendulkar was at 98 runs. The ball touched Sachin's bat and went across boundary and there he scored his 48th Test century and 94th career's century. He smiled a lot after scoring which showed the pleasure of creating a new record. There is no other player who had scored 48 test century and 94 centuries in both the forms. Also, Sachin is playing his 168th Test match. Except Steve Waugh, no player has played 168 test matches in his life and thus Sachin created one more record. He also completed his 31,000 runs in his career which is the highest runs scored by anyone.

              I don't know how god gifts excellence incessantly to Sachin. No cricket player is so perfect as Sachin Tendulkar. He is incredible and impregnable. Everyone was tensed as he played the last ball to score his 100 runs as Sehwag was stumped at 99 resulting a miss for his 21st test century. But Sachin is unpredictable. Many says that he plays for record. Now just tell me if he needed a record, he could have taken 1 or 2 runs easily to score his 100 but he hit a 4 without any fear of dropping down. Even if he is playing for his records, I don't care. I am happy to see someone creating records again and again. Critics are always there and I don't care about them if they aren't any benchmark in the same field. In his last 6 matches, Sachin has scored century for 5 times. Wow. What a statistic. He is so great. I don't know what he thinks of himself but if I would have had been at his place, I would have gone mad with pride and ego. He is not the one and therefore there are many who consider him as GOD. Suresh Raina also scored 66 today in his maiden test match. He gave a good start to his test career. Hoping to see him play consistently in future.

             You may be thinking how my blog came so early today. Actually, its the time to publish my friend - Rohan's post. So I wanted his post to be the latest one on my blog for the next 24 hours so I did my post before publishing his post. Now, I am going to edit and work on his article and it will come in next one hour. 



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