24 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Carrom - I Love It !!!

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        The unexpected arrival of a friend and the change in the schedule and the routine made the evening a perfect one. I came from the college and saw my papa and my friend chatting with each other about different issues and I joined them too. After some debate, there was no results of our doubt. The conclusion was null and thus we can be said as the useless speakers of the country. Talking about big issues like metros and railways and not getting a perfect answer is something like trying Chinese food when you don't even know whether the country- CHINA exists. After some chats, I and my friend - Sonu marched towards our another childhood friend - Danish and met him too. Had some useless chats with him too and very soon, all three of us were on the carrom board. An uncle joined us too. Now, I and Danish were partners in the game while Sonu and Uncle formed their team. I was happy as I knew that Sonu will keep joking and enjoying while I will keep playing seriously and win. I had a full confidence that uncle will not do anything remarkable which may move me or Danish or our winning attitude.

              Game started and the score after the first two sets were - 6 all. The most surprising thing in the game was - Nobody shot Queen as every time an aimless shot was played by the player which filed the cover of the opposite team resulting in their win. After the two sets, the game came in our favor. That uncle wasn't a small player as I thought initially. He was the one who used to dither me and Danish. Every game used to be in our favor but a chance to the uncle and he used to bring the game in the crucial and a single-chance game. You miss the 1 and you lose. This is where the game of carrom becomes successful. There is no fun in winning by huge differences in a single set score. Same as cricket, when the match is to be decided at the last ball and your team wins, you treat your team as Gods but when it wins by a huge difference in runs, you just say, Yaa- my country plays well. So finally in the first series we won by 32-6. A huge difference in the score but every match was so tough to decide whom it will gift the win to. The second series begun and again we won it by 31-0. It was a superb match yesterday and the cherry on the cake was the childhood friends. 

             Whenever I meet childhood friends, I know that in few moments something interesting and historical is going to happen. Now this game of carrom is a history now for us which we will talk even after 10 years. This is what we will remember always and always. Carrom - talking about the game. I love it. Once, it was my passion. It is still a passion but as I understood that I am not going to make my future in it, it has gone somewhere in background. But still, whenever I get a chance, I play my best. I know I play the carrom very well. Not saying this in pride but in extreme satisfaction that I excel in a single game at least. I have always been an underdog when it comes to games and sports. My father bought a carrom board for me when I was in 6th. I used to play with him and he used to guide me. He was the champion of his colony. People used to admire him for his playing attitude in carrom. He guided me and in 8th std, it was the first time that I registered my name for any sport in the tournament season. I participated in Carrom-Singles and Carrom-Doubles. 

               From last 10 years, Suresh was the champion of our campus. He was the only one who used to win the championship of carrom. No one had the ability to challenge him for this game. I participated and I knew that I'll lose to him. A boy who is champion from last 10 years can't lose from the one who has just entered the tournament. I played three games on alternative days. I won the first game against Rohit and qualified for the next round. I played the second game against Pradeep who was also said to be one of the best players. I won against him by 14 points in 1st board, 13 in 2nd and 14 again in 3rd. The best I played as there can be no points more than 14 which you can achieve. Now, came the semi-finals and I had Suresh with me. A tough match. A match where I was to be hurled out of the tournament. Everywhere, the news spread that Veeru is a rockstar in the carrom and the only 1 who can defeat Suresh. Today was the day of judgment. I played with him and and and I WON. Now, I was in the finals. I met this same SONU in the finals with whom I have played yesterday. As the God blessings were with me, I won against him too and finally there was someone who changed the name of the CHAMPION of CARROM. It was SURESH from last 10 years and this time a new superstar got its birth - ABHILASH.

                 I won the doubles too. I had Suresh as my partner. We didn't won the last match - the finals. Hence, I was 1st in Singles and Runner-Up in the Doubles. I received 2 awards for this victories and these are the only two awards I have managed to win in so many years. I participated again the next year and the very first match was with Suresh. I losed this time. It was BEST of 3. First set- He won. Second set - I won. Third was the deciding one which he managed to win by 6 points and there I was - OUT OF TOURNAMENT. Cried that night but Tendulkar is Tendulkar - Dhoni is Dhoni. Suresh was the Tendulkar of Carrom and no one can surpass him. I am Dhoni in this case. I play well, everyone knows but not better than Suresh- The Tendulkar. 

            Thanks. Signing off with pride to be a good carrom player.


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Vinayak said...

oh ho, lagta to hai aap bahut acche player ho carrom ke lekin.... aap mereko kabhi nahi hara paaoge

Writing Buddha said...

chalo ye to khelne ke baad hi pataa chalega...and it will be more entertaining to play with the 1 who will also play like a champ..

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