20 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Congrats Abhinav, 1 year affair and My Stomach !!!

            252nd BLOG -->>

        Its always good to give someone an opportunity when you have that authority to give. I have a blog page. I write here. I am not the best in writing. There may be many who are good in writing. There are many who may be expecting a chance from their life so that they can write once. Many would have thought of launching a blog but kept quiet as they would have realized that there is a lack of creativity in their mind. So, everyone of them who stopped themselves from doing what they wanted, I have given them a chance to put a step and move forward. I have sent a mail and message on facebook to everyone whom I felt loves my blog and can write something about what they feel. Lets see how many of them revert back as soon as possible. I would be waiting for everyone's mail. Terms and conditions are sent to them.Anybody reading this blog wants to write something on my blog about what they feel about themselves or their life or want to share anything of any kind can contact me and send me their posts. It will be surely published. And if you have a fear of grammatical mistakes, don't worry I'll correct it. Even I lack in grammar but if you are lacking much more than me, I will correct them. Ha !!! 

           A friend of mine - Abhinav gave his CPT exams few weeks ago. Those who don't know what these CPT exams are. Let me tell you. CPT exams are the entrance for enriching your career in CA. He got his result today and he have cleared it. Now he will start studying for CA. The course which many people leave because they can't handle the complications of the subject. But I have my full faith on this boy that he will clear the studies of CA in the normal tenure of the course. Wishing you a happy academic life ahead, Abhinav. 

            One of my friend in the class completed 1 year of her affair with her bf. Today she was absent as she was busy celebrating it with him. I wonder how were they celebrating this for the whole day. Very strange !!! I have never seen my mother and father celebrating their marriage anniversary and here the new boys and girls of this generation celebrate every minute happiness coming by chances in their relationship. I am happy to see this but I am also afraid that when two bodies starts loving and admiring each other so much, they are much prone to the pain and depression if they are parted. Why am I talking such things on their 1st anniversary of their affair? I am sick and idiot. Sorry !!! Wishing them a good romantic life ahead !!!

             Finally, my stomach ache is cured. I don't know how but God helps those who helps themselves. I tried to boycott as many luxurious food as possible while my stomach was going through severe problems and bomb blasts. Finally, today in evening it stopped paining and I'm happy. Just praying God that it doesn't begins again in the morning when I'll wake up for my college. Hoping for the best.

             I haven't completed my assignment which I have to submit tomorrow. Let's see if someone would have completed it. I'll copy it from him or her. Copying is also a talent which isn't present in everybody's blood. Definitely, its not in my blood but fir bhi kya jaata hai try karne mein? I have also received the payment of my new freelancing job today. Loved to see so much rupees in my bank account. Also got back the rupees I gave as Udhaari to many friends. I am a rich ass now. Enjoying the world. And will enjoy it more tomorrow as my stomach is all right too.

            Thanks. Signing off with smile.



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