18 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

250 BLOGS with 79,810 CLICKS on it !!!

            250th BLOG -->>

            The journey is the best part of the success or failure. Journey is something you remember and not the success and its taste. The taste of success remains only for some days but the journey is remembered always and always. I am so lucky that even I have a journey like some passionate peoples. I have something where I can say my life is tilted towards. I have something because of which I can say that I have some purpose to get birth and I am not from that youths who just know how to move their hips in discotheques , who knows how to lit up a cigarette and blow on the girls face, who knows how to watch movies on their First Day First Show. I have something that I can say proudly about it. I don't know whether my friends and my relatives appreciate it or not but my parents do. Sometimes , they hate me for this but sometimes the truth comes out from their mouth and they slip the words they don't want to. I am talking about my BLOGGING WORLD.

              Its my 250th BLOG and I am proud of my readers. The readers who have always read what I have wrote. The readers who never got bored of my writings. Sometimes, my fingers writes a controversial issues which I never think of writing. These are the days when I have to suffer the pain of criticism and avoidance. But still after the arguments and rejections, they keep reading my blogs and commenting on it. This is the virtual love they are showering on me which makes my life a bit upper than the others. I am not saying this in pride but in happiness. Writing my 250th blog is a part of my journey. The journey which is proceeding me towards a career of a Writer. The journey which is highlighting many positive prospects of my life. Every aspects and values are observed from my eyes. I am so proud of this journey. The beginning was pointed to me by the God and right now I am doing the best and riding my horse towards the destiny.

              My blogs are not just my life. But it is for many who read them regularly. I am searching for a reader who can say that I have read your blogs more than 200 out of 250. This reader will get lots of love from me. I know reading is also a difficult job. Many people have accused me for grammatical mistakes. I know I am lacking badly in this field. If I'll make some excuse, my readers will laugh on me. So, its better to keep my mouth shut. I know I'm lacking in this field and I am working hard to excel in it. You can get it from my previous blogs. They were so bad in grammar and now, the blogs I am writing now-a-days are little less bad than that blogs. Ha !!!

             I have written several blogs and I am in love with each one of them. Some of my friends asks me to send them the best blog I have written. How can I choose any one of them? It is like choosing one from my both eyes that which one is the better. It is impossible for me to rank my blogs that which is the best, which is mediocre and which is the worst. I do only one thing when someone asks me which one of my blogs are the best - I send them the one with the most comments. They are 200th and 100th blog. Its so nice to send them the blogs which I have written after thinking a lot. 

              Very soon, I am going to complete one year of my blogging world. I wanted to complete more than 350 blogs in a year but because of many reasons I was unable to write and complete my target. I have just completed 250 yet. But whatever, I am happy with this too. Whatever you get, take it happily. This is what my grandfather told me. I am also on twitter @Mumbai_Blogger. I have 135 followers there. I want to thank them too. They have also been kind to me for my blogs. They follow me just by reading my username - Mumbai's Blogger. That means they love my blog. What more should I expect from them? Many leave following me and unfollow me i.e. they didn't like my tweets and blogs. I am trying to impress everyone of them who leave me and my writings. Hope I'll be successful one day in bringing everyone back.

              So, with all my love and respect for each and everyone of you reading this blog. I am signing off .



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