30 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

RETIREMENT- The Worst Phase For Any Passionate Employee!!!

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            We live our life- with our own choices and decisions. We love following what our heart asks us to. If it asks us to work too hard for next 8 hours, we do. When it asks us to lie our boss and take a leave, we take and go to chill out at a picnic spot near our town. But, working remains to be the primary reason and rationale of our living. We don't realize the amount of time we put in it because we expect money and stability from it. Every student has just one tension and it's about Placement and Job. Some who have good amount of sources, also cries about their ability of keeping the job secure and safe for a longer time. Everyone lacks somewhere in their knowledge about the subject and that overcomes all the positivism we have about ourselves. And, once the target of securing a position in a good renowned organization is accomplished, person starts living his life with all his concentration towards the job. Because he don't want to lose the fun he is getting through his job. The continuous flow of money, respect from the society, meeting new people through job etc makes our life exciting and responsible. And no one wants to live a life with no responsibility. 

             Yesterday, Ricky Ponting retired. I am sure there would have been many Aussies who would have shed their tears learning that he will not be standing on field, crease and pitch again to perform. He will never ever return to do what he did in his own way and better than anyone. In a field where everyone is 1 out of 1 billion, he is named among legends. With his retirement, people have started asking Sachin Tendulkar to retire. These men have put their whole life in this game of Cricket. Every morning, they woke up for all these years thinking about how better can they play today than yesterday. They always thought of delivering the best so that their performance can benefit their team and the country they represent. And they never compromised with the situation. They never got involved in any kind of match-fixing and other shameful offensive activities. They always played in a manner that made us feel proud of them. We associate them with their country's pride. A country is good because of its best citizens. And these people are best in their field.

             The amount of time they spent in playing under the hot rays of sun, with profuse sweating, tiredness and effort is known only to them. They chose such life. A life that would no longer remain private to them once they achieve the life they want to. It will become public's property. Now, after working in their field for 20-25 years without compromise, cowardliness and falsehood, they are rudely blamed for not performing as they used to. They are asked to leave the field and go for ever. Never to see themselves at the same spot again. A spot which they saw as a dream in a very young age. An age when others of the same age wasted time while they spent in working towards their aim for which not less than billions are in competition. Just imagine them waking up next morning and realizing that they are not made for Cricket anymore.They are now been asked to sit at home by the same people to whom they gave unlimited amount of happiness in all the years they worked. 

             Are people a jury who should ask such responsible people for sacrificing their spot for others? We have just been spectators. We have not been the mass that helped them achieve what they wanted to. It is their family, friends, coaches and relatives who helped them. They have some amount of authority to ask them to leave the job and sit at home. Not, we, the people. Freedom of Speech is right. But it does not mean that it should always be used to hurt someone's sentiment.  Why don't we use it to tell what we feel about ourselves and on general topics and not on some individual or a group of people? Strange, isn't it? That is how Freedom of Speech is been wasted and misused. Just imagine the morning when Sachin Tendulkar will wake up and feel that he is not going to play Cricket anymore, Amitabh Bachchan will make up to realize that he is taking official retirement never to come on Big Screen again, Chetan Bhagat announces that he is not writing any novel anymore because of too much criticism. Just Imagine!!! It gives me goosebumps. 

            Retiring from what you love is the hardest call of life. Because, when we do what we love, we do it with all our passion and hard-work. We don't compromise a bit while working in that section of work. We make it sure that we always do a bit extra than others to devote much in the cause. It's not about our personal development then, but it is also about the proliferation in the quality of field we are into so that our field gets respect in society. If someone had a passion of being a Police Inspector and he manages to achieve it, then he tries to do his best to delete all the bad image that the Police Department has in society. He tries to keep doing an extra bit so that his Department gets a good name in society. If, to such person, people of the society would ask to retire because of age and under-performance at some level of his career, it would be the most depressing part of his life. We should respect such humans. We should try to duplicate them through ourselves. We should take inspiration rather than judging them. 

            It can be today's Sun rise when we might hear Sachin Tendulkar announcing his retirement. And I am telling you, it would be like someone died. It will be very hard to accept the fact that a performer like him will never hit Sixes and Fours again in a stadium-packed Cricket ground. I am not against the ideologies of those who feel that Sachin should vacant his space for a youngster as someone gave him his space when he started playing at the age of 17. But still.. A person who devoted his life to earn this position should himself take a call rather than we advising him to retire. We are no one. We are no one to ask someone to leave their work. We should concentrate on ours. What if your building-mates start asking you to take retirement from your job in a MNC because they feel that you are not a good employee? What will be your reaction to them? You better know your vocabulary of abuses. I need not say anything. :-) So, we should better do our job than asking others to quit their. Because announcing Retirement is the worst that one passionate employee faces in his tenure of job. Respect such people's passion for their work and job. That's it. 



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Bical said...

lovely ..!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Abhi...

And I don't know who are asking retirement of LEGEND...but this media is hyping it as they get enough news for the month to rollback :(

Keep ON..

SMS said...

This guy had his ups and down . More of ups than down. but the whole point he is retiring gracefully. Hope sachin also thinks the same.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Bical...

Hey Raja Sir, you are exactly at the point.. media just want to show these things for a month hence they do this...

SMS, agreed :-)

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