13 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Diwali is Back but Is Lord Rama really returning back?

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Happy Diwali!!!
            What should I write about Diwali tonight? It's more of Jab Tak Hai Jaan as a festival than Diwali. :-) Salman Khan overtakes Eid and steals all the limelight while Shahrukh has done it with Jab Tak Hai Jaan this time. Actually again, it is more of Late Yash Chopraji than Shahrukh Khan's. Getting back to the real festival, a very Happy Deepawali to all the readers and friends. It has been a long time since all of us are engaged in making our home look the best so that Goddess Lakshmi showers wealth in abundance without compromising. She is fond of the home that looks most tidy, smells the best and reflects positive vibes. Every one tries to impress the Goddess by trying to decorate their house in perfection in all the manners that's possible. Diwali, for Non-Hindus may be a festival of a day but for Hindus, it starts a month earlier when they already start planning as to what new things are to be bought, from when the house cleansing work is to be started, what is to be bought in the name of Diwali shopping, what eatables are to be made, which guests to be called in the Diwali Milan etc. Finally, one by one, all the To-Dos are worked upon and house is turned into a replica of the heaven. :-) This is all Diwali festival is all about.

             And seriously, there is no sense of the histrionics now. Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya thousands years back. Diyas were lightened up then. There's no point in doing it now. No one is returning this time. :-) All should be done for personal pleasure, celebration, something new, in enthusiasm, in energy and to socialize. Lighten up your house to make it look different from the regular days. Clean your house to make it look the cleanest of all 365 days in a year. Do almost every thing to make your home look no less than a paradise. Also work upon your cupboard- fill it with new books, new cloths and new accessories. And only when you have plenty amount of money to spend on these materialistic things. Else, sit at home, pray God, do your work as every other day, ask Lord Rama to consider this as your celebration on his return to Ayodhya many years back and plead Goddess Lakshmi that for you, the only way of making her shelve out wealth at you is to do something for which you can be paid. As cleaning your heart, mind and soul is equivalent to cleaning your home for you. And I tell you, you would be blessed the most. The lightnings in the balcony has nothing to do with the religion. :-)

              For me, as a student, Diwali is nothing than the last day of procrastination, as just after that one realizes that Semester exams are approaching and its the final days for opening the books and mugging whatever little bit is possible. :-) Currently, I'm in the same trauma. I have no idea as to what my First Semester's portion comprises of. I am as naive as you about my portion. I'll have to work from as soon as possible if I want a great start to 2013 with a good result of Semester 1. :-) You know, Future Planning! :-) To celebrate Holi with the same enthusiasm, I'll have to give a good result at home otherwise in the festival of Colors, I would be made to live a Colorless Day. :-( So for today, let's clean our inner self more than the cleansing of our home and its floors, marbles and slabs. :-) That'll impress Goddess more than our time spent in cleaning the already clean home. Celebrate Diwali to energize yourself for next 2 months until Christmas will come to revitalize us again with its festive modes. :-) A Very Happy Diwali to all of you from me and everyone who consider themselves as an integral part of this BLOG. And my special wishes goes to those ladies who work for whole month on the name of Diwali and end up getting menstrual cycle just a day before of Diwali. God, sometimes, is pitiless. :-(



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jahid said...

Nice one dude. I think it's better if we don't try to find any logic behind any festival :) else we would left with only few of them(if any :)) We should be happy as long as we are with family/friends and people treat us with sweets wish us good luck(at least verbally)

jahid Akhtar

Writing Buddha said...

Exactly sir.

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