24 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

24th Anniversary of My Favorite Love Story!!!

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          A Very Happy Birthday to- Anamika- The most pious person on this Blog Space. 

             So the 24th Anniversary of my parents gets celebrated in a little better way than all the 23 of them celebrated in last 2.3 decades. :-) I, being their only son, had some responsibilities towards making this one special, though I didn't do much in progressing the execution in an appropriate manner but still by God's grace, this became the best. Every time, I see my mother and father happy with each other, talking on their own issues, about my future, about how to lead their rest of the active years, then what to do after retirement etc, I feel very happy and satisfied. Both of them compromising with the situations and still being with each other from last 24 years is a very big personal accomplishment for me because somewhat even I have a participation in keeping both of them interested towards each other. :-)  Or the process of my creation did that between them. :p Actually, the second reason is that the longest official affair of my life had been of 15 days, hence the long duration of someone's successful Love Story amazes me. :-) And the Successful relationship of my Mother and Father has been watched most closely only by me. Hence, I love thinking and rejoicing about their perfect relationship. 

             Every time, a turmoil passes across our family, if my father is able to, he tries to deal and beat it or if it comes in the profile of my mother, she is GOD. She is extremely perfect in what she is. I don't have words to define the way she has lived and lead her life. If ever I would be able to be so hard-working, consistent, selfless, helpful, inspiring, lovable, famous, dependable etc, I would die in arrogance. But, she is yet soft-spoken. Every time, she comes to know about someone who needs help, she is the first person to come up with a result. Every body talks, but my mother makes it sure that she is bringing an end to the problems of the person. Hence, my father is himself lucky to get this lady as his wife some 24 years back when he didn't even know about her extra-ordinary skills. I am, toh, world's most lucky son to do nothing and yet get birth from someone who's legendary in her society. If ever I'll get a chance to see what goes in a person's mind and heart, I would like to read my mother's, because I want to know how is she so forgiving and helpful. Why can't I be so selfless like her? AMAZING! She is the main reason, I would say, of this 24 years long successful relationship. :-) Because, my father isn't a legend. He is a normal human being. :-)

               When my mother knew that my father's salary is something that can never make us survive in this mehengaai ki duniyaa, she went and lived at her father's place so that my father can save some money. Though it was insulting, she did. Then, she started stitching work. Later, she became Post Office's agent. She also made use of her cooking skills and sold pickles, biscuits, eatables etc. Similarly, she did so many jobs so that the double income can save our house, our future and specifically, her son's future. Seeing her hard work, my father continued working in his organization with zeal and enthusiasm though he always wanted to open a business rather than working on the concept of salary based job. With such co-ordination and co-operation, today my parents have given me a life that guarantees me a very secure present and future too. Today, I never have to say that I can't join someone because of financial problem. The only problem that arises are of values and morals on which I live my life. Ok sorry. :-)

                  The most that I am proud of my parents are because of their open-mindedness and thought level that actually helps me revitalize myself. Today, I don't fear from calling my friends at home any time because my parents are enough open to understand that their son is the only child, hence because of no siblings he might feel like spending time with the boys and girls of his age. Amazing! Because they themselves have 4-5 brothers-sisters. :-) Understanding my plight is the best thing that they do with me. Secondly, there are so many times when I call just a girl of my age at my home for studies or for fun, but my mother never checks in and out in doubt if bedroom mein padhai hi chal rahi hai ya sagai ho rahi hai :-). This is another great attitude of my parents towards me. I, in life, will always bow in front of my parents for being such good human beings to me that they always support me whenever I ask for company. They allow me to have anybody at home at whatever time because they know that their son might feel lonely at times. 

             As they get into their 25th year of relationship, I just want God to bless both of them so that they continue to co-operate each other and also co-operate with me the way they do. Thanks a lot, God for blessing me. And luckily, I am a Single Child so I don't have to share their love with anyone. All that I have is for me. What a Monopoly!!! 

              It's time to leave now. Already, 4.20 AM on the clock now. 



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Vetirmagal said...

Came via indiblogger.
Fine post for your parents.
Congratulations to them!.

You are blessed with good parents and they are lucky to have you as their son! god bless you all.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Pattu sir.. This is a personal comment and I am happy that you liked my behaviour. :-)

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