20 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Our Hero is not Everyone's Hero. PLEASE UNDERSTAND!!!

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             There's already enough outrage over a local party's workers' act and Maharashtra Police's. I don't want to comment over it because I'm already an experienced victim of speaking against such kind of a party. It's better I stay with my mouth shut. But I would like to speak over something that is related to this issue, somewhat. Everyone of us have some or the other idol in our life. We respect the person to an extent where some of us even rate them over our parents as wonderful human beings. No problem in this. Indeed. It's not necessary that our parents are the best human beings just because they are selflessly taking our care and loving us. It's because we also love them more than anyone else. Our idols are those rare breed whom we love unconditionally with all our time but they don't even care to look at us. And even when they look at the class of people we belong to, they don't care for our personal love that we have for them. But still, they are idols for us. 

             As mature human beings, citizens and grown revolutionaries, we should get acquainted with the fact that "Our hero is not everyone's hero. Our villain is not everyone's villain". Whom I love is not possibly the likes of many. Whom I hate is even not the targets of many. That is my personal choice. Yes, sometimes it might happen that all the people around me would be having a common liking or disliking that would match mine but still.. considering that our view regarding someone as the conclusion is the worst that we can do with our personality. Even if my father for me would be a hero, it's not necessary that for my brother, he is a hero. He might see the same person as the biggest loser of the world in spite of being a son to him. That is how it goes. Under a same roof, siblings have different favorites between father and mother. And why shouldn't all have varied choices? God has made everyone different- the candidates who have the liking and even for those they have liking for. World would have been very boring if everyone would have been of similar mentality. One enjoys having debates because, with him, there's 9 people who are in support and ten who are sitting as opposition. Otherwise, debate would have never existed. And debate, always, generates results. And without debates, I don't find any powerful result getting delivered. 

             We should become enough mature to accept the fact that someone does hates the person for whom we live our every moment for. We should acknowledge the fact that our idol also has some drawbacks with several mind-boggling testimonies attached with his name. One shouldn't overlook the bad qualities of the one whom he adores. Accept the fact. How naive act it would be if I would thrash someone badly just because he don't have the same ideology as mine for a person or group of people? Stick with your ideology but respect others' too. You are not the only one having point of view, right? Everyone has one. And it's not indispensable to have the same as yours just because you are powerful. Or trying to be through some invalid means. It was fine when in childhood we used to fight over our favorite actor/actress but its time to grow up. Its time to understand that not everyone would love the person whom we consider God equivalent. Hrithik Roshan said in an interview that the first time when he heard someone referring his father as "taklu" to a third person, he got angry but later he realized the fact that yes, his father is taklu hence would be referred as the same. Show such maturity. It's enough when you have forced others to speak what you speak, love whom you love, follow whom you follow. Now, be a man and let everyone have their opinion, without any fear and hem. PLEASE!!! For the sake of society. FREEDOM OF SPEECH, I hope you have heard of it. Or at least the word- DEMOCRACY!!!



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Prerna Varma said...

Personally, I think this is best post I have read by you so far, especially in terms of thought, in terms of how maturely you have dealt the issue without hurting anyone's ego. The message is quite clear :D

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Prerna for letting me know as I wanted to write on this topic without pin pointing anyone or hurting someone's belief.

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