2 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain... KARWA CHAUTH!!!

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            A day when wives keep a day fast for their husband's good will and long life. The unmarried ones keep in the quest of finding the one they desire. A full moon executes in the evening to give scenic view to the whole event of breaking fast and gesturing respect to the husbands. Husbands in turn blesses wives to keep continuing with the same spirit as they are always standing with them in every problem. Wives, standing on the respective terraces, compare their husbands with the moon- the figure that is described as a flawless entity shining to bring brightness in the moment of darkness and black. Husbands help their wives to break fast by making them drink a sip of water by their own hands and also eat a piece of sweet. An ultimate concept that signifies the bond and commitment that the relationship brings with itself. Youths like me who are still little away from getting married also gets a feel of having a Happy Family after seeing couples on the terraces and balconies seeing each other with utmost love, satisfaction, pride, affection, expectations, several promises unsaid but still expressible through eyes... ufff... a Romantic Day Indeed. A very happy Karwachauth to all the married couples around the nation. And special wishes to my parents- the couple who resulted in the formation of a new human body which got the name- Abhilash. :-)  

             Marrying isn't an easy option and will never be. A person getting committed to you for life time. A person willing to spend whole life with you on the basis of few meetings and introductions (Here, I am not considering bloody boring love marriages. huh). A person leaving everything behind in the hope that you wouldn't ask to leave all of them and forget. So many expectations in the heart and the shifting to a new house takes place. A house that is then handled with the management of two. No involvement of any third. Both are leaders, both are members and both are workers. Both forms the base of their whole life. A planning then which comprises of giving birth to the first child, with it, also the decision of how many more coming after the first one. :-) Then, how a financial balance is to be incorporated in life style such that all the children can be fed properly, educated properly and married with dignity. An event of marriage changes the whole course of life. Indeed, the most beautiful relationship in the world- the relationship of Husband and Wife.

             Seeing my parents struggle in my childhood has opened my eyes about how hard it is to live a married life with so much pressure. Man has different roles that can't be performed by woman and vice versa. Without co-ordination, integration and appetite of love and trust, the growth can't take place. When one gets married, one wants to shelve out some responsibility and give it to the spouse. The spouse is then trusted to be on time and regular throughout till the process does not deliver a result. This belief does not come in a day but even that comes in few days. Because somewhere heart speaks of how the whole life is to be lead by only the two and how life has got confined with the development of both the entities considering no one else. 

             As written in the synopsis of Chetan Bhagat's most entertaining novel- 2 States, when an India boy and Indian girl marries, not only the two of them does the same but actually two families get married with each other. Amazing and Interesting, isn't it? Thus, one does not take care only of the spouse, but his/her feeling for each of his/her relatives, friends and neighbours. If you hurt any of them, you might end up in heat discussion with the partner hence submitting the unwanted activities in a relationship that signifies only love and commitment. To all the ladies who not only have to work whole day at home for their husband but also has to stay hungry for hours- A Very Happy Karwachauth to you and your hunk. :-) 



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