22 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Are Kasabs and Ladens really at FAULT??

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            While many people celebrated the death of Ajmal Kasab, there were few who were giving some wonderful comments that I was totally against of. I know that killing of Kasab isn't going to eliminate terrorism from the world but at least, one out of many evils is gone. Though this should have happened 4 years ago but what if this would not have happened for next 10 years too? What if he would have remained in jail for next 10 years like Afzal Guru is still cherishing his life? I know you would ask me that why am I supporting something that should have happened but because of Government's cowardliness and spineless system/transparency it already took time, and I am still rejoicing on the fact that it didn't take much more time. It's just like saying that why are you crying over 183 individuals death when there could have been a blast that could have killed 500. I am talking something that is senseless but at least the execution of Kasab's proceeding towards death has amused me. This is not enough for the victims who have lost a piece of their life with the attack but do I or you or anybody have anything to say for lessening the amount of pain that the victims are living in? We know the answer. You feel like coming down at knees and ask for forgiveness even when you aren't the criminal who executed the whole massacre. But still, we feel bad for what happened with them. But the damage can never be repaired. Let Kasab die or almost every terrorist who is under preparation of something more worst than 26/11. 

            The formation of Kasabs and Ladens is just because of one reason- The addiction and passion that their parents create in their mind for religion, region and the blood of God that flows in their veins. Any addiction is bad addiction. Let it be of alcohol or of devotion. Every thing in proper balance gives wonderful results while anything that overtakes the another in the philosophy with which we lead our life is always a way towards destruction and then, depreciation if its possible. I am a Rajput. By caste, I should be protecting every Hindu as we are called "kshatriya". But if I'll take my caste seriously, will this make it possible for me to survive in this era of 21st century? And should protecting religion be the only job that we should be pursuing while breathing comfortably on the Earth? I can not imagine a life wholly dedicated to religion. Yes, each and every day, a definite compulsory time should be allotted for God but not every second. And yes, for God and not for religion, for God's sake. 

             A report has come where Kasab's aunt says that she don't know if Kasab executed the whole bombardment but if he did, she is totally proud of what he did with his enemies on their land itself. This is where the whole fault lies in. If my parents would teach me right from my childhood that certain group of people should be diminished because they aren't good to our group of people, I will certainly develop a hatred for those people. As I'll grow up, I'll always find a reason to bully or eliminate them. The day I'll have the power of firing and enfilading them, I'll surely shower all the bullets in their ribs. Later on, when my parents would be asked about my act, they'll say that they are proud of what their son did because someone should have done it from generations but no one had enough guts hence our son should be given an honorable respect. For my parents, my group of people, I would be a God. But for humanity, society, law and order, and all the genuine masses, I will act as the perfect villain because I am. I killed some innocents just because they belong to the caste or family of that generation which came 200 decades ago but killed almost all the pious people we had in our group leaving one through which the hierarchy progressed of the caste I belong to. Am I making sense? Hope I am. 

            The moment we become passionate for something, the era and endless turmoil against those who are against my passion begins. And once the fight to claim our passion comes into the provenance, the one man army gets turned into a huge army of muscular youngsters who are ready to be called "martyrs" for their group of people who are sharing the same passion as them, and get killed in the process of proving that their Passion is the biggest and needs to be worshiped. What Kasab did is totally right from his point of view and I believe that he is not totally at fault, but its his upbringing. When his aunt makes such statement, she clarifies as to what his whole family believes in and will keep believing in. The next generation of Kasab's family will not look at him as "gangster" but a "Hero" who died to protect his religion  and country. And someone from future generation would love to lead like Kasab and take revenge to what happened with Kasab in India. And the terrorism will just keep on getting multiplying in the same manner until the upbringing of the whole clan isn't genuine and in balance. 

              Though, in last 4 years, not more than 100 terrorists got killed worldwide but in clash with it, at least thousands of such would have got ready to execute any bombardment in protection of their religion, country, region, family, God and for whatever their parents would have asked them to be passionate about. At least, to my young generation, who are my basic reader mass, I would like to plead to not ask your children to love their religion to an extent where they would love to take anyone's life to claim that there's nothing bigger than their religion. If they love their country, it's good, if you want them to be passionate about it, please make it sure that you are sending your children in Defense Army and not asking them to protect it through some parallel illegal and irresponsible agency. Please. Let our next generation be away from hatred and such shameful passion towards something that is just favorable for a group of people and not the whole humanity. Let's stop building Kasabs. Kasabs are never wrong, it's their parents, teachers and guardians. Let we as parent, teacher or guardian be enough vast and open-minded to teach our next generation to love one and all. PLEASE!!!

         My condolences to all who got affected because of 26/11. And also kudos to President for rejecting the mercy petition of Ajmal Kasab. 21st November will always be remembered as a wonderful history. 



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Soumabha said...

A great post which should drive senses into the million. I just disagree with you on 1 point, though I believe it is also the parents fault,Kasab being a 25 yr old had a mind of his own - he shd have been able to differentiate between right and wrong ( the same reason why every citizen is not a terrorist ) so he is also to be blamed for the Mumbai carnage..

Writing Buddha said...

Your point is also right, Soumabha sir.. and thanks for letting me know your view on this post as I needed to know someone's view. :-)

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