5 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Middle-Finger or Bat- He Raises The Best!!! VIRAT KOHLI!!!

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             Many would claim their objectives and viewpoints on me as to why I keep talking about a celebrity every month since the end of 2011. I don't know why but I can't stop myself from speaking about something that's going into my mind. I love legends and I love the performers who are about to get into the category of it sooner. I read interviews related to such personalities and get influenced immediately. I am always in search and hurry to get all the keys that would open all the doors that helps in attaining the final Success of life. And no one except legends can provide such confidential messages to us. It's 5th November. Birthday of a boy who progressed with time in a corner without letting the world notice him initially. A boy who kept performing but still getting unnoticed because of too many performers above and below him. But time waits for none. On the same note, time didn't wait for others and this man turned out to be the NEXT BIG THING in the field he belongs to. He never boasts about how magical he is but yet he has made people take breathe till he is available for delivering spectacular performances and leave the vicinity after making the team win the match that whole India prays for. A very Happy Birthday to Desh Ki Dhadkan, Upcoming Legend, Our Superhero, Middle-finger Raiser :-)- MR. VIRAT KOHLI!!!

               No one performs in a field to replace the one sitting at No.1 or in people's heart. But when it happens, it's the phenomena that can not be stopped from getting done. Everyone knows that Sachin Tendulkar can retire anytime. People love this Legend from the deepest root of heart. No one wants him to go but knows that he might leave even tomorrow. Hence, everyone wanted his son- Arjun Tendulkar to take Cricket as career so that people would feel as if Sachin is still living through him with us. But God had different plans. This guy- Virat Kohli emerged out as another Run Machine who made it sure that let it be as difficult match as it would be, he would go only after scoring some decent runs. He kept playing until and unless a bowler didn't make it sure that he is sending him finally to the pavilion. Even after scoring high in a match, he never took his batting casually in the next match. He played as if he wanted to be better than his yesterday. And this made people call him "Next After Sachin". Now, no one is waiting for Arjun Tendulkar's debut in the World of Cricket. Everyone have got their new God. 

              Till Virat Kohli is on the crease, the television screens are looked as if God might emerge anytime from it. As soon as the Umpire declares him OUT, everyone abuse the bowler, the umpire, the one who took catch and the situation. Then, no one worries about what the next batsman would do. In a team of eleven where the bests out of the rests are chosen, and one out of these 11 gets an importance that he becomes the only one for whom people start watching matches is a very big achievement. This man has scored the highest number of runs in a calendar year of 2011. He is the latest Cricketer to win The ICC Player of the Year. Even in 2012, he is just 5 runs behind Sangakkara to become the highest run scorer. He is the first Indian to score a Century in the Debut World Cup. He is the fastest Indian to score 1000 runs in just 24 innings in ODI. These are just few records that I'm mentioning here as I don't want to get into statistics. But, his 133* against Sri Lanka and 183 against Pakistan will always remain in every Indian's heart till Cricket is a craze. Thanks Mr. Virat for giving us such epic memories.

             When he got a break in Cricket during Ranji tournament in 2006, his father expired at 2 in the early morning. Virat Kohli was in a dilemma if he should play the next day's game or not. His coach asked him to play as such opportunities never comes again. His mother also asked him to play as his father also dreamed of seeing him as a World-class Cricketer. Now, being a Top notch Cricketer didn't remain only his dream but he wanted to possess his father's dream too. In the morning, he went to play the match and scored 90 runs because of which his team won the match. He came into the limelight. At 90 when he got Out, it wasn't his fault but Umpire gave the wrong decision. Just after his innings of 90, he went directly to attend his father's funeral. That one day not only changed his destiny but made a Boy into a Man. He became more responsible, serious and sincere after the incident. Though he is very playful even now but he got matured more than one gets at the age he is of. 

             CONSISTENCY is a word that we often hear in the reality shows when judges ask the contestants to be consistent to remain in the show. We rarely get to see such performers there. But in this Real Show of the World, this guy is proving and letting us know what Consistence really means. In his last 15 innings itself, his average is approximately 98 or something. In last 4 matches, he has scored centuries in 3. He is giving definition to this word. And I can easily claim it today that after a decade, whenever Consistency would be talked of, Virat Kohli would be the best example that people would give to the listeners. He turns 24 today. I am 23 years and a month old. Comparing myself to him, I feel as if my life has been an example of waste. It's time to focus on my dream by getting influenced by this new Superstar of Cricket who never tells about the pain that he carries in heart but keeps smiling instead. 

             I don't know if someone has observed or not but from 100th to 600th, I have mentioned Sachin Tendulkar in all the centurion posts. But in the 700th Blog Post which I have written a month ago, I have mentioned VIRAT KOHLI instead of SACHIN TENDULKAR as this is the new guy who will inspire me for next 25 years till he'll play. :-) A Very Happy Birthday to him once again. I am expecting him to break all the records of Highest Runs and keep inspiring, motivating and improving me. My best wishes will always remain with this Boy. 



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Birthday SMS said...

Congrats Kohli, as i always says a good player is not only be the player but the one who is aggressive, have some attitude, grace and style well kohli got it all, he is one the batsman fun to watch him playing.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes.. I second that :-)

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