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The METH by Tanmay Kulshrestha!!!

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           Reading two novels in a day is the best productive day for me. Once I read 4 novels in a span of 24 hours. That day still remains unforgettable and memorable for me. I need to experience something of that kind but I am seriously saying, this academics being the only option to survive in this world is a very bad idea. Whoever created it would not have been a fan of reading books. If he would have known power of reading good books and novels, he would have made a course where our job would have been just to read books and give a review as an examination. :-) At least somewhere I would have ranked favorably. Haha! After Durjoy Datta's latest, I have finished reading Tanmay Kulshrestha's "The METH" which also has the tagline of "...when a lie takes away a life". This book was initially self-published by the author but lately the charge was taken up by Mahaveer Publishers- one of those publications who love publishing debutantes. 

TANMAY KULSHRESTHA: is as different as can be from the popular image of other authors. He is a natural gentleman who lives austerely, litters his conversation with fellow mates and sails with young and ambitious friends to professional and delightful harbours where sky is the limit. Tanmay is currently pursuing his B.Tech in Information Technology from KIIT University and is set to graduate in 2014. Right from his school days, he had flair to write and pen down his feelings and expressions. This dream has today come alive in the form of 'The METH' - When a lie takes away a life..!! Being an Engineer who has now become an author, Tanmay's personality demarcates the truthfulness within him. He has much more in his bags than just drafters, dreams and documents..!! His good points cannot be enumerated as he has plenty of them. Many a times, Tanmay has turned out to be a perfect mentor, motivator and guide to a number of his fellow mates, friends and colleagues. Amongst all these, Tanmay is also a motivational speaker..!!

SYNOPSIS: The Meth -When a Lie Takes Away a Life Overview
It is a tale about Arush and Trisha, who though they love each other, fall victim to the snares of the 'METHAMPHETAMINE', the bond of love may be as strong as they wish it to be, but nothing or no one can withstand the buffeting of the craving for this drug. It is a fact that nobody will deny. It has been the ruination of innumerable lives and continues to be. Most live in denial by lying....hence the punch line that 'a lie takes away a life'. The people who embark on a course of this drug abuse are bound to cause ruination of families, of partners and most importantly, life itself. The message is strong, unambiguous and very powerful. The Meth is the cry against any more loss of life due to 'METHAMPHETAMINE', especially students, and is a remarkable way to launch the campaign, so that no student can fall prey to this drug.

          Tanmay is obviously a writer who wants to bring a change in society through his writing. He may have seen something during his Engineering days that led him to speak on the consumption of drugs by youth in his debut novel itself. Though I would like to suggest the author to improve his language a bit more. He has a beautiful thought process but because of lack of reading habits or I must say, grammar and language too, he couldn't speak exactly what he has in his heart. As I am myself a writer who wrote miserably, I can easily understand what writer wants to convey and what he couldn't because of lack in grammar. Mr. Tanmay, read more books and I can surely say that you will come up with a surprising element in your next. 

            The first chapter has an excellent language. I was too happy to read it. It was written as great journalists write. But just after that, author has written in the same manner as few young authors write these days, often. The story starts with a great story of how a boy scores in examination and move out of his home in a quest to study from a great institute from where no one has ever studied in his home town. Finally, he finds a good friendship in Trisha and the saga of friendship starts. The whole segment is beautiful described. But the conversations that both of them have with each other are so childish that I wanted to skip them all. But later the description of personal experiences of the protagonist after consuming Meth is described fine up to an extent. I am happy as writer hasn't dragged story after 150th page. I liked the way he directly came to the Post Script part where he tells all the information related to Meth and how it causes destruction to a human body. 

           In all, I would give the book- 2.5/5. .5 extra for the message that the writer has tried to spread.



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