16 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Jab Tak Hai Jaan!!! My Favorite Movie Genre!!!

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           As I believe in, Amitabh Bachchan's KBC, Sachin Tendulkar's batting, Khans' movies and Chetan Bhagat's novels should be experienced without any reviews at any cost, at any damn cost, I went to watch Shahrukh Khan starrer- Jab Tak Hai Jaan yesterday. The movie was quite over-hyped because of Yash Chopra's career's last movie + after his demise, the movie was talked of more than it deserved. Then, Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif came together for the first in a movie. That was another craze to experience this unusual jodi. But for me, the reasons were quite different. I love this kind of cinema since my schooldays. I always loved seeing SRK, Salman and Aamir doing romantic movies of 3 hours and making us cry, laugh, smile and dance in this span of hours. But now the whole generation has changed because of which people have started showcasing themselves as intellectual by criticizing such movies. You ask me and I would say that I still like Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai than any other movie that he has done. Second, I never experienced Yash Chopra on Big screen, this was the only chance that I could have witnessed the lone experience and I did it without any regret. And truly speaking, I did enjoy the whole event that took place for 3 hours in front of me. :-) 

               I didn't go to watch this movie considering that Yash Chopra's last movie would be an epic or something that has never been made before. Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a story about a boy who falls in love with Meera(Katrina Kaif) and tells her about his obsession for her. In turn, even she divulges her heart-full of love for him after few days. Later, the boy meets with an accident that separates the two because of a promise that Meera does with her God- Jesus. In frustration, boy leaves London and goes back to his origin- India. Here, after 10 years, he is shown in an Indian army where Akira(Anushka Sharma) comes to make a documentary on this boy-Samar. In her stay of 2 weeks with him, she falls in love with Samar but does not do any emotional drama to win him. Later, Samar goes with her to London for finalizing Akira's contract of documentary. He meets with the same kind of an accident which makes him meet Meera in the hospital as he loses his memory and remember only the events till the accident he met 10 years ago in the presence of Meera. After this, what decision does all the three character of the movies take is what Jab Tak Hai Jaan is all about. 

             Coming to the performances, Shahrukh Khan does what he do the best- opines romance with his unmatched expressions, romantic songs, charming dialogues and handling his actresses with the most soft aggression for love. :-) Coming to Katrina Kaif, she tried to act as best as she can but ended up doing the same what she does in every movie of her- "Irritating us with some really bad acting". Anushka Sharma- I would say, she is the surprise package of the movie. Because SRK and Katrina remains to be what they are but Anushka Sharma has gone many ladders up by acting the way she did throughout her role. Every time, she and Katrina Kaif shared the screen, Anushka Sharma ate her with her skills. And not even skills, she looked more beautiful than Katrina in all the scenes. This is something at which I am still surprised. Kudos to her. 

             Coming to the Director- Yash Chopra has tried his best to give people a spectacular movie by shooting it at beautiful locations, with superstars of this generation, by keeping his genre alive- of Romance's. :-) Coming to the story writer- Aditya Chopra, he has disappointed me. There are many senseless portions in the movie which happens without any reason. And there are even faults in the story. better I don't talk about those portions. :-) I don't know what should I say about the editor- Namrata Rao. What she would have edited in a movie which is already of 180 minutes approximately? To the Music Director- A. R. Rehman, I would say not his one of the bests till date but Saans, Title Track, Heer and Background music throughout the movie kept me entertained. To the choreographers, I would give full marks. 

              Some scenes that I would like to talk about are- At platform, when Samar proposes Mira in a very unusual manner with a lip kiss(Yes!). Then, the scene when Mira replies with a kiss back as a confirmation to Samar's proposal. Meera's reaction when Samar meets with an accident. A terrific scene. How she turns back hopelessly. :-( The scene when Samar's roommate reads the letter left by him with all his money that he earned in London. In the pre-climax, when Samar asks Meera to get married again with him as he remembers nothing because of his memory loss. And Meera clad in red saree again starts stupid girlish talk with him about leaving him as she promised to her Jesus and Samar turning aggressive and leaves her with a challenge to her and God. :-) Then, I also liked the scene when SRK diffuses the bomb in a train in London. I also liked all the humorous content given to Anushka. The moment she leaves SRK at the airport, is again another emotional scene. The dance by Katrina before the starting of Ishq Shava is something that I loved Katrina a lot. Actually, you can say, that's the only part of Katrina for which she should be complimented. 

              Coming to the drawbacks- Samar meeting the same kind of an accident both the times is as senseless as I making a film. :-) The memory loss theme is seriously a very old theme that should not have been the base to this 2012's movie because the scenarios of Om Shamti Om comes across our mind. The stupid belief on God of Mira is again a creep to handle. Shahrukh Khan as an Army officer tried his best to make his physique look tougher but fails. In the Army's dress, he is irritating but he is fine when he dresses in any other T-shirts or jackets. Katrina's acting is another irritating part of the movie. You wish to see a better actress in the role than her. Else, whatever fault that I find in the movie is because of Aditya Chopra's baseless scenes that he has inserted without any logic and those that should have been in the movie, never got included in it. I would give 3.75/5 to the movie as I enjoyed watching it because this is the genre I have loved since my childhood.  



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ishaanp92 said...

Nice, for once someone is writing a review about this movie without hyping it. When I look at all the other critics reviews, it seams like they paid them to write the review but I didn't get an impression from this review.

Anyways, the movie in my opinion was 3/10. The plot was long and 80% of the movie was fillers and filled with illogical scenes. Firstly, how did Anushka jump from a rock in the middle of a lake without getting there without being wet? She then mentions she's a national swimmer....In a nutshell, this movie is only getting good and decent reviews because of the overhype due to Y.C. last movie. If the guy was alive, the movie would have done a lot worse in the box-office.

Writing Buddha said...

I 100% agree with you Mr. Ishaan :-)

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