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Beginning of the End!!! 2012!!!

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           AND IT'S 1st DECEMBER, 2012!!! A Very Happy December to you! A month that gives us some scary moments of leaving our most favorite year. A month that makes us feel that we have just 31 days to accomplish whatever is left. A month that makes us realize that next year is about to come and hence, the same occurrence of events is about to take place. A month that is all about Christmas and New Year preparation. December has been my favorite month. The only sad part about this month is the odd Semester exams. You just can't ignore it and it takes all the fun away from us. But still, working on something serious that has to do a lot with our future in the last month of a year is the most perfect activity that we can do. Isn't it? Hence, with this point of view, even studying and giving exams and testing ourselves in the end of a year is the best that can happen to us in December. For me, December is always a Reality Check. It makes me count all the achievements of last 11 months. And it also makes me realize what other dreams have been left to accomplish that is possible to be completed in this very year. Then, I start working on them too, in parallel with examinations. So that I have new targets in new year.

           Every celebration of New Year is not just about a party that takes place till morning but it's an excitement and passion that we have for the upcoming year that will remain with us for next 365 days. And we are excited to leave this year behind because we want to overcome the backlogs that we had by working more proficiently in the coming year. With the same ideology, we celebrated 2012. Now, when 11/12 part of it has been left behind, let's not think about it. Let the past be past, good or bad, let's think of the present month. Let's make it special. Something interesting. Something that will help us smile and be proud of ourselves whenever we will remember how we ended our year. I have already begun doing it with my friends. We have started putting all our efforts into something that we never thought we would. And the change that we are finding in our knowledge is extremely powerful and inspiring. We are getting inspired by our own efforts. What can be more better than this? Nothing!

            I am sure with the way I am seeing a change in me, a focus towards academic and power-pack efforts to learn at least the basic of what I study in college- I am going to be proud of this month at the end of the year. I might fail but I will still be motivated with the way I and my friends put efforts together. We are cutting ourselves from all that we do in our daily lives and putting all our active minutes in something that we hate so much- STUDIES!!! And for your surprise, we are studying what is most difficult for us. We are not touching those easy sections that we know we will easily learn. Wow!!! And these efforts have bought such difference in my friends' mentality that they have started talking like me,"Agar itni mehnat k baad kuch nahi bhi kar paaye exam hall mein toh bhi dukh nahi hoga." :-) And this spiritual change that I have started seeing in them has made my life more wonderful. Having people with same thoughts around does excites us. And hence, the excitement is increasing to see that they have started implementation of quotes and books' knowledge in their life. And are also understanding as to what life is about- Not results but efforts. Wow!!! 

               December- the month is to accomplish all the resolutions and targets made in the first month of the year. Start doing it. And if possible, start analyzing yourself. Luckily, I started with this right from when it was 10 days left for November. Now, as I have landed up in December, I am going to rock myself more. Only I can push myself to do something that has substance and powerful transformation in my personality and life. No one else can. And I am going to explore myself, my limits, my life, my relations and every damn thing. This month, I will also touch 250+ Blog Posts mark. This was in target since a long time and I would be finally achieving it. Thanks a lot to all who are with me through this medium. Your support is also needed in this month of continuous efforts. Just 1/12 part of my life's best year- 2012 is left with me. I am going to make as much I can from it. Let's begin. Bye. I am at work. Hope you are going too. :-)

P.S.: This is the third "1st December" when I have written a post with BEGINNING OF THE END as title and same theme. :-)


 ABHILASH RUHELA- VEERU celebrating 2012!!!!

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