26 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Lest We Forget-26th November, 2008!!! 26/11!!!

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            A day about which you don't want to talk but still you can't afford to sit down without speaking about it. Four years from then but still a memory of devastating facts with not a bit of fiction that is hard to believe that it really happened. A human wanting to kill others. For that, he makes all the plannings and go through a training process. He and his team is taught about how to kill people without feeling bad about it. They see people dying all around them because of several bullets being fired from their guns by a trigger of their index finger. Yet they don't regret about any damn drop of blood that is shed because of their criminality. They are proud of it. Their family feels that what their children is doing is exactly what should be done with the people with whom it is been done. Disappointing! More than anything. 

           This makes us so fearful that we expect ourselves to die every time we walk the same place that has been bought under execution of such terror and war. A war where there is no retaliation because the other side is innocent and weak. A side that has no hatred towards any body. A side that is taught to work to feed their own family. But, God sometimes give punishment of being too kind to be engaged in our own work. And then we come across against some coward who, for proving their point, do not debate but kill the innocents to win the debate by default. In a so-called negotiation between them and country, they make a country of 1.2 Billion lose the point by being a group of just 10-15 individuals. This is the hallow power that they possess and showcase. Every time, when I move towards CST, Oberoi Hotel, Marine Drive, I fear if this day doesn't turn out to be another day that will be named just as 26th November, 2008 has been named as 26/11. And I might become one of those victims who'll have to keep their life at ransom just for being at a place that was in target from years for those 15 individuals who shall have nothing to do with me or my life. 

            If a bomb blasts and I become a victim, I might die. The consequences would be not over me but upon my parents and the people who consider me a gem in their life. For them, they will lose a piece of their heart, one of many reasons to live etc. They will go into depression for many many days. Their development, concentration, will power- all will go into a scrap that will take time to get reused again and get into shape to be engineered upon once again in life. Many would find its effect in their health that'll keep on getting deteriorated day by day because they'll keep on rewinding the same scenes of the moments that they would have spent with me in their course of wonderful life. Second possibility: I would be a victim to this bomb blast , but I might not die. I would get handicapped. Now, this will not only depress my soul but everyone's. Death can, once, be overcome. But a person staying with you with his body shattered and handicapped, for every moment, will never let you think about anything else than his condition and helpless life. And my family will have to bear unwanted expenditure over the medical checkups and treatment for whole lifetime. 

           Such are an effect of a bomb explosion, terrorism and war. Actually more than this, but I can't understand what exactly happens with the real victims. I, being a resident of this city where the whole process of inhumanity took place, lives in a fear every time I go towards the area that was the victim of 26/11. I have written many posts on 26/11 in last 2-3 years as a tribute and condolence to the victims of the day but I know, it means nothing to them. For them, every thing is black and dark. The only fear that they have is of not losing anyone else in another bomb blast. Because it has become part of their life now. Every time, a terrorism news would be getting flashed on television, they would start shivering. Because, they know what consequences it brings on the life of individuals facing it very closely and as a part of it. The death of Ajmal Kasab means nothing because the victims of 26/11 can never find the same peace and aura back in their life. But, a city like Mumbai does not stop. But does it have any other option than not moving on? NO!!! 

           My condolences to all who are still living in dark and dealing with the plight of the day. 



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