25 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


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            Worthiness of our own self acquires the strength to attract all the prosperity of others towards ourselves. We don't realize the potential that we have within us until we don't take a challenge. A challenge that makes us more mature than what we were some days ago, some hours ago or some minutes ago. A challenge that generates positive and pragmatic results. Negative challenges can be pursued by anyone. Ask me to hit a dog and I can do it easily. This isn't the right challenge to take up. The right challenge is to take a pledge of feeding a dog for one week continuously such that the dog does not remain to be hungry any any more. That is strength. That is what we realize within us when we take upon the challenges that we never ever consider as a part of our life or our responsibility. Such short life and still the waste of time continues in the same way as a small baby wastes his time. He is helpless. He needs someone's help for each of his activity. We are a fighter in our own selves. And would you ever like to see a Fighter/Soldier ever resting without risky challenges? I hope the answer is not YES. If it is, I don't know about you but others surely don't have any respect for you.

             It's hard. It's sometimes depressing. And sometimes so annoying that I feel as to leave what I do. But, is this what I was brought for on this planet Earth? I am one of the many creations of God. Like every of his, I am also one of his creation. I see Nature, I salute God. I see animals, I salute God. I see sky, planets, sun, stars, I salute God. Many variety that he has exhibited on Earth. One of these creations is Human Beings. And considering this section, I take myself as the representative of this class of creation. I know I am not. I don't even deserve to be. Others have lead a life that I might never ever be in an association of turning into a possibility for me. But still, I feel that God has placed a job for me to represent human kind in such a way that it could be called the best creation of all by him- the almighty. And when I take up such a challenge, definitely life would not be easy. It's 5 minutes past 6 AM, a time at which the world is waking up, and I haven't still slept. The y'day has been too hectic while today is again going to be a long serving day. This night was meant to take rest to recover. But it's gone in some releasing moments- of emotions, of laughter, of resilience. But, when I take a responsibility to display myself as a leader, is sleeping appropriate at such stage? Will not human kind be proud of the way I am leading my life as? I am representing our clan as the most awaken being on Earth. Hence, sleeping is never a priority to me. It would only be, by default, after death. Let it come because of lack of sleep. I am ready to sacrifice my years of life to tell God how I have not let you regret of creating me. 

             What I am not interested in, has also become a part of routine now. Why? Because challenge has been taken upon. We are here to take challenges. And what guarantees it's success? Our passion. Determination and Dedication. I had it yesterday. My friend had it. We accomplished what even we didn't have any idea about. And we celebrated it from 1 AM to 4.30 AM. These 3.30 hours of resilience isn't waste of hours but something that will act as spring to me. If that would not have happened, I could have fainted by now because of head-ache that came into existence because of deliverance of intellectualism that we did put on something we never ever knew how to handle before. We have succeeded in this part of Academics. My friend went back to his home at 4.30 AM. He is sleeping right now. Even I should have at that moment of time. But then, the challenge. Because of this academical success, I can't let other parts of Routine go unnoticed and in ignorance. Finally, I did all with a speed that even I wasn't introduced till the moment. :-) And now, I am here to blog. Because this is also a commitment. Not to readers, but to my own self. Finally, with the accomplishment of this Blog Post, I would be done with all the To-Dos of the day. The CHALLENGE kept on table will be accomplished. And yet another one would be taken to not let this day become unproductive. It's past 6 AM hence only 18 hours remain. But will I let this go in sleep? Never ever. 2-3 hours will do. And if I take more than that, the coming night will again go in work and not sleep. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ONCE AGAIN. 

              This is what life of a human being is. The success does not comply with the fact as to how much money you have made in life but what as human being you have accomplished. I am trying to excel. I don't get paid for anything but I earn satisfaction, relaxation, peace, meditation, calmness, idea of how vast life and whole Universe is etc. Because I believe in what the book- THE SECRET says. The whole Universe gets engaged with me when I am at work- with commitment and strictness. And I better make it sure that I don't slap myself for failure of not letting today as much productive as yesterday or more than that. How can my yesterday be better than today? The world is developing, the technology is progressing, how an I as human being, one of many creations, lose the race? How damn can I? I can not. I can not afford to. The Sun would rise in few moments. The world will rise. I might go for slumber moments for few hours. I don't care. But I have made our clan look enough at winning end at the end of the day. Sorry, the beginning of it. :-) Because, CHALLENGE is what was taken, is taken and will always be the part of each second I  shall breathe. And the CHALLENGES that are resulting in positive changes. Let's take such challenges, human kind, and lets excel in being the best creation of God. Let's not make anyone else win against us. YO!!! :-)

It's almost 6.30 AM. Y'day, blog came at 4.20 AM. Today becomes better than Yesterday. :-) I can sleep without a slap now!!!



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Anonymous said...

Dre r no grt pepul in ds world, only grt challenges whch ordinary pepul rise 2 meet.
Grt work buddy :-)
Hats off :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot Anonymous.... This is what I wanted to convey.

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