10 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Wipe Away All the Useless Humans in Your Life!!!

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            In Geeta, Hinduism says that don't be attached with any human body such that once it leaves you, you start finding it difficult to live without it. It asks us to be detached with the person. We, as human beings, always find it difficult to not get in to an emotional connect with another human being we are in contact and have relationship with. But, in the long course of life, one will have to certainly leave few people for personal benefits. Ask me and I would say there's no wrong deed in it. It is purely a wise activity to do this for personal gain. Though the world might judge you, isolate you and envy you but you will have to show calmness at the moments of such decisions and executions. I have often done this quite back in my life. In last 3 years, I have done it for once or twice, but I did it in excess before 2009. I left people considering who is beneficial for me and who's not. I only took worthy people in the long run of relationship and left the others. Why keep others when there's no effect in life with their presence into it? Hard to tolerate me, right na? I know. :-)

            I have found many friends in the hostel where I stayed for couple of months and I do find some people on Facebook who say that they have left their parents because they weren't letting him/her pursue his/her dreams. Or some said that their parents never complimented them for any good that they did in life but always thrashed them with words, taunts and cuss whenever they tried to explore something that they aren't much aware of. I never judged these people. And if they asked for suggestion, I never suggested them to get back at home. I did ask them once to be back with their parents but when they told me that their parents are still adamant with their decision of making their child an introvert and non-developer, I support friends' decision. Until and unless people around you aren't motivating you, there's no need of such company in life. If I say that I want to become President of India, I should have parents to say "Yes beta, you can be. Start working on it". And if they say,"Study as much as we are making you study and then get to finding job and do it silently without day-dreaming. Break your useless reverie", I would prefer to leave home and find my own way of reaching my dream. Life is too short to remain with such people who don't trust in the vastness of our dreams and desires. 

            Hence, in life, I left all such people who thought that I'm incapable of many activities that they can do or that I think I can do. I had to wipe out all the demotivating human stuffs from my life. The people who said that we trust in you and you are unique are still with me as advisers. Whenever I get stuck in life, I ask them to bring me out of the pit. And these are amazing people. They, even in my moment of tests and failures says,"Only you can bring yourself out of this shit and you know you easily can". Even when I am unaware of any tip and knowledge that one needs to get out of such kind of a problem, I push myself up with an idea and finally find myself on the first ladder of the victorious path. These people bring lots of change in life. Having such people around me always gives me motivation to not to stop as their support is always with me in any walk of life. In other case, if there would have been demotivating kind of friends and people around me, I would have never got guts to find what I am good in and live a life that I always want to. 

             As we do in our respective homes during Diwali cleaning and decoration, we throw all the underutilized and useless things and objects while keep those that are of importance in future, we will have to do the same with the human beings around us. We will have to keep those that are of utmost importance in our life while throw those who are just stress-booster. They'll try to ruin your life, intentionally or unintentionally but will never make it possible for you to accomplish any work of yours with the result of their helping hands. Hence it's time to be strict, not think about the people whom you are to dump, or about them who'll be there in the neighbourhood to just taunt for the whole day, just do it and stay blessed with positivism and motivation at any point of time in life. You, my dear youth, watch Roadies and Splitsvilla, don't you see how shamelessly people dump their friends just because they are of no use to them in future course of the game? The same applies to life. So from now, start dumping satans of your life and start preserving those who are contributing to your any kind of growth. 



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Anonymous said...

Well said,get rid of the clutter.As you encounter difficult phases in your life, the fair weather friends are the first to dump you.

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

But we could/should tolerate criticism till some point too. It helps us come with new perspectives and spot our weaknesses

Writing Buddha said...

Rightly said, Anonymous...

Samyuktha- Criticism is differnet.. ull come to know later... u have enough time to see what real life is.. :-)

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