16 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

You Are Rich If You Spend Rs. 33 a Day by Rahul Tiwari!!!


      Rahul Tiwari has been one of my very good friend since I have started Blogging and Tweeting. Though he keeps unfollowing me on Twitter whenever he feels that I have gone over the top in irritating my Followers, I still respect him for being on of the very good friends on Social Networking sites. He is one guy with whom I can crack any kind of joke as he does not misapprehend any of my abuse-filled sentences. :-) This is his First Political Post on our medium. Let's read what he wants to convey through it.

                 Its my 3rd one on ARB, its great to receive such a big  response when you are just unknown in a field as first post of mine is still in top 5 after more than two months. I'm enjoying the freedom Veeru has given me though it makes him tolerate his own posts sometimes. Great to have a friend and a prebuild stage like ARB. Here comes my first politiical post.

You are Rich if you Spend 33rs. A Day

           Crazy thoughts come in my mind whenever I wake up in the middle of my nap in night. Most of them use to be political. I guess I’m more political than any other guy in India of my age. As the loud speakers of nearby mosque were honking, I gave up the idea of sleeping and rather used my less used mind for some random thoughts. As all day I keep messing up with the political system of India on Twitter along with Shiv Bhaia, Vaijay sir,  Meena mam, Riya and others , it was the first thought to strike my mind. Thinking about the poverty the thing stuck me that according to our great Planning commission a man who spends 32+ rs. A day is no poorer in India. It’s true that this amount has reduced the statistics of poverty in India from 65% to 25% only and has given a Raambaan to UPA that they have reduced the poverty. It is the worst joke they can play with people of India. 

        Moreover I was shocked when a Twitter celebrity and one man opposition Subramanian Swamy supported this data. Well all this has to happen in a country where people taking salary from World Bank are sub-head of Planning commission and a person who never ever won an election is Prime Minister who has also been a “Karamchari” of World Bank. Where people know about planning commission because it shares two questions in Bank & SSC exams, where politics is a subject of un-interest and hate only. We are living in an aristocratic Democracy and its all because we are bearing all this and don’t know what we deserve. From a village farmer to a cool dude of Mumbai you will only hear people saying that they are uninterested in politics. I’d call them a fool only because we must be interested in something that takes a hold on our lives. Go through 100 profiles on facebook and you will find what I’m saying is true.

             Well coming to the point I just calculated that what can 33rs do in a person’s life that “Is Not Poor”. According to Planning Commission which was established during the Garbage Collection (Constitution Making) by Russia’s share family consists 5 people. That means if a family of 5 people spends 161rs. It’s NOT POOR. 

            After government has taken off the subsidy from LPG I’ll calculate by 
new data. Though people get 6 cylinders under subsidy but a person cannot be poor for 6 months and NOT POOR for next 6 months. According to it a family needs 32rs. Per day for LPG only [950/30=31.66]. 

             A “Not Poor” family will have fine food not salt bread. According to the same planning Commission a fine food consists of Breads, Vegetables, pulses & rice at least. A not rich and not poor family doesn’t have fast foods so obviously they consume much in breakfast, Lunch & Dinner only. As one of UPA minister said that Indian people eat very much, a 5 people family will consume 1KG Wheat (20rs.), 1KG Rice (30rs.), 100GMS Pulses (10rs.), Oil& additional Masalas (15rs.) and at least 20rs vegetables. Milk is used in each & every family of India so a NOT POOR family of 5 members will definitely consume a liter of milk that costs 30rs.

           Look my calculation has reached 157 while none of family member had a single tea in a day, hasn’t brushed, hasn’t bathed. They didn’t wear cloths; they didn’t spend a penny in travel expense and thousand more things. 
Summing up I got to say that dear Indian Government and its US paid Planning Commission please stop kidding Indian people because if we start kidding you’ll have to get out of here with your funny statistics. 

             A request to Indian people that please wake up and look around or you have borne to be kid and screwed by US?



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Saurabh Chawla said...

absolutely right dude. we should kick their asses off our nation.

Aswathy said...

awesome post with deep insight...

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

loved it!
did u do all the math by yourself? :O

rAHUL tIWARI said...

Well its all real data sir, though collected by me

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Writing Buddha said...

Thanks all for supporting Rahul.

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