19 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


730th BLOG POST -->>

            The 24 hours of a day sometimes seems to be too long while sometimes they end up too quickly to realize. For me, it was Diwali just yesterday i.e. 13th November while its 19th November today. Unbelievable! And such instances happen in my life when I waste my days by doing nothing that I love or that I fear. Normally, my days goes in reading various books and other reading sources or writing blog and book reviews. But these days, I am doing nothing except wasting my time over and out. And unfortunately, I am not even ashamed of this. Huh! I don't know why. My exams are approaching and I should be engaged in all sorts of reading, learning, mugging, noting down points, referring books, executing programs on my laptop etc. while I am struggling with fever and cold/cough, taking doses which consist of little intoxication that is making me sleep for almost all the active hours of a day. I am unable to believe the speed at which my eye lids are surrendering themselves to the power of these doses and tablets prescribed by the family doctor. Strange!

             During this moment of my year's last responsible days as my exams are beginning from 27th November, I am behaving quite irresponsibly and fearlessly. I am amazed at this guts of mine but I am seriously not proud of it. I was just thinking about it when I realized that I can make a protocol and then start studying at least something for the upcoming practical examinations. Protocol is something that I have always been a fan of in my life. I have always seen that settling up some strict rules for my regimen has always helped me. I live a life where 24 hours seems to be no less than 50 hours. I try to be as much productive as possible each minute that I am awake. I love putting lots of hard work in life. Academically, I don't put lots of effort because I don't find any interest in this part of life. I am just going through the process because everyone has to. I will definitely try in doing something that interests me once I am done with all the Academical Degrees my parents want me to have. Even their dreams are my dreams, right? Just as I want my dreams to be their dreams. :-)

             When we make a protocol, people start expecting from us- the regularity and punctuality that we show. I send a Morning quote to all my favorite people before 9 AM. These days, as I am getting late in sending it because of tablet and sleep, I find 2-3 messages in my inbox asking me where's today's quote. How overwhelming is this! I make it sure that I post "KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI" at 8.30 PM on Fri-Sat-Sun every week to remind my Twitter friends to witness the legend with me. A day when I didn't do it, I got 4 mentions as to where I am as I didn't tweet about KBC. :-) I am always the first person to wish on any of my friends' birthday. If I don't call any of them by mistake by evening, I get a call from their side asking as to how I am. :-) Because they know, that except some real tragedy or work, this boy will never forget "my" birthday. :-) Same applies to Blogging, all of you know that once in two days, I will surely land up here with a post, when I don't, all of you start showering abuses at me. Haha! :-)

            Hence, I love certain protocols in life that keeps us regular in work and punctual- on time. Just as we have subscribed ourselves to certain duties that are done periodically at 24 hours such as bathing, brushing, combing, shitting, dressing up, checking our mobile inbox etc, we should also forcibly subscribe to other important activities that are meant to be done once in a day. And when we fail, we should make it sure that every night before sleeping, while checking if all the To-Dos are being accomplished, if we find that we have failed, we should slap ourselves tightly without caring of our fingers getting printed on our cheeks. Seriously speaking, I do it. Yes! This would be surprising for many but yes, I do it. I have already shared my routine in 700th Blog Post, and when out of any of those activities if I fail doing any, I make it sure that I sleep only after slapping myself. And I tell you, slapping your own self is the hardest and most difficult punishment one can give to himself. This makes me regular and punctual in whatever I do.

              Every Thursday, I go to Sai Mandir. Any Thursday, if I miss because of some urgency or forgetfulness, I slap myself and make it sure that I'm visiting the temple the very next day, on Friday. This makes me alert the next Thursday for the whole day that I have to go to Mandir without fail. Because of the fear of that tight slap. :-) Just as we remember logging into our Facebook, Mail, Twitter, Google, Yahoo accounts on daily basis, we should also bring into our system a will and compulsion of doing some really valuable activities in the span of 24 hours at least once, anyhow. As I am writing this Post, the belief in me that I am going to at least start studying by tomorrow morning is mooting up with each minute. This is what I wanted to do with this post. It's indispensable to inspire ourselves before inspiring others. Now that I am inspired, I am hopeful that all of you are. Let's set a Protocol in life, and slap ourselves every time it's being violated. And then let's witness a disciplined and perfect life. :-) Let's begin now. On your mark.. Get Ready... GOOOOOO... *whistle*



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