6 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Till the Last Breath by Durjoy Datta!!!

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             Being honest to self is the best that one can do with himself. I am no different. Though last time I reviewed Durjoy Datta's book and got landed up in an unwanted controversy of which I am still guilty of, I am again reviewing his latest book after fighting all my dilemmas. First, I thought of just reading the book and not reviewing. Then I thought "For whom do I review?" Obviously, it's for my Blog readers first and then the author if he wants to take something from the review to improve himself. No, I am not a boss to tell but sometimes a weaker element can also give a lesson to the one who is mighty and powerful. Because my review has no sense as this book has already got its 35,000 copies sold till date. I thought if I won't review I may be called coward which has no sense. If I would review I may again be called a Publicity-seeker, which again is senseless. So finally I thought I'll review the book because Durjoy has been one of my favorite writers though he disappointed me with his 6th book- "If it's not forever...". Let people say what they want to, I seriously don't care. If I like a book, I would review it to let my readers also buy and read it to get an experience. 

              With his 7th and the latest book- "Till The Last Breath", Durjoy Datta has almost transformed himself as a writer. Remove the name "Durjoy Datta" from the book and you won't identify if it's the same person who has written the last 6 books. You would certainly guess the mysterious writer as Preeti Shenoy, Novoneel, Ravinder Singh etc but certainly not Durjoy Datta. I am once again proud of him in the same way as I was after reading "Now that you're rich" and "You were my crush...". This book does not have a fancy title like his previous books. This book does not have a bright and sexy cover page. This book, surprisingly, shockingly, does not have any sex sequence. WOW! With this, Durjoy Datta has proved that he can write an unforgettable book without including a bit of sex in it. Respect! With age, Durjoy has also shown maturity in his writing skills this time. Not for a moment would you feel as if story is fictitious. It is inspiring, transitional, motivational, a guide, philosophy, theory etc. Durjoy, you better write books without any co-writer. :-)

               The whole story line is based in a hospital ward. Keeping this as a base, writing 237 page novel isn't a joke or a game. One needs to have a sense of writing, creativity, story-formation to make it interesting up to the end. Though initially, I felt it hard when the connection of each character was shown with each other but later when I got it embedded in my mind for next few hours, I got the real fun of reading the book. After 50th page or something, I don't remember if there was a single moment that I didn't have tear in my eyes. Though all the characters are in depression, you can't say that the book is depressing because every chapter is a message in itself. The life given to each character signifies some or the other traits of human behaviour. With it, directly or indirectly, author also tells how can one get out of the bad and unwanted traits and how can the most required and wanted traits can be possessed and followed even in the moments of challenges and controversies. :-) Excellent! 

             For the characters- Pihu and Dushyant, I would say you have bought 100 times more memories and feelings than the over-rated Deb and Avantika. Your stories, pasts, current situations, the way you struggled for the last breath, waited for it, cried in loneliness, made others love you even after this and many other activities that you kept yourself involved in even after being on bed continuously for days has bought too many changes in my outlook towards life. You will be forever remembered. For the character of Zarah, I have deep sympathy. But I am happy the way you ended all the problems of life with smile and move-on theory. Arman, if some day I would be a patient, I would love to have a kind doctor like you. No, not the way you behaved with Dushyant but the way you treated Pihu. Disclaimer: I am not inviting for a gay love story. :-) Kajal, you teach how wrong decisions can end up isolating us from the loved ones. I hope I would never take a wrong decision like you and end up losing everyone I love. For the parents of Pihu, it happens. For the parents of Dushyant, please tell other parents that child is not always as bad as he/she seems to be. 

              The pain of patients, the hard decisions of doctors to save patients, the trauma of those who love the one who is patient and still accepting the truth that they are just a few-days guest and the incomplete LOVE that comes in between patient and that one person is so perfectly described by the author that I would say "Till the Last Breath" is a perfect book considering these points. With the story line that guarantees not a single smile, Durjoy Datta has still managed to make me laugh at moments and smile continuously at others. There are many terrifying moments in the book while there are some very lightning moments too. I am not describing any of them because I want you to read the book. The biggest drawback of the book is the worst quality of pages. The initial books that I ordered of Grapevine Publication had milky-white pages while this one has surely disappointed me. Please work on it, publishers. In the end, I would give the book- 4.5/5.



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Anonymous said...

This is the fourth book you have given 4.5!!!!

I can 't wait now to read the book as I ordered already...

And Abhi...You have changed the review style this time...different one.. :|

Keep ON..

Vijay Rajput said...

well nice review............ liked it,the way you said that you don't want to create another controversy.

I am not sure but I think now I got about the controversy

Meanwhile do you have a chance to read Varsha Dixit latest book.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Raja sir, surely read this one.. this book deserves to be read..

Writing Buddha said...

Vijay sir, I am surprised that u dont know about the useless controversy I fell into :-)

Love SMS said...

This book has exceeded the awesomeness depicted in If it's not forever. This is not just any story. This book is different! I could not put it down! A page turner! Durjoy Datta has beautifully depicted the use of refined vocabulary in this one. The concept is different. It makes you ponder about how you should live your life to the fullest. The character of Pihu is certainly the best one. The book is true to its title. Totally worth reading!

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