28 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Why SMILE? When You Can CRY!!!

737th BLOG POST -->>

             For the whole day I was engaged in coding up few programs and learning the basic terms of the Computer shit I have got stuck into. And one of the favorite program of I and my friend has been of Palindrome and co-incidentally even the number of this blog turned out to be 737- A palindrome number. What an irritating co-incidence! It should have been better if I would not have learnt any thing in the day. Haha! Actually, this is not a funny blog post as the initial part has been turned out to. Some times, the starts are very different than the future climaxes. Just as every damn relationship of youths, these days. Initially, it's all about caring the legacy ahead of Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha, Veer-Zaara and later, it's all about Post-interval TERE NAAM for boys and.... climax of Aitraaz for girls. :-) Let's leave this scrap here and move ahead with what the post is all about. Huh!!!

            Does anyone of you wants to make someone cry who loves you the most? Or would like to see someone crying because of you? This is the worst feeling anyone can live with. I lived with it today. Though the person didn't tell me but I know, I made the person cry. The sole reason was that I wanted beneficiary to end up on the person's side, for that making someone being in pain for few moments is better than spoiling the whole future or a vast part of future of the person. As a dialogue says in Sarkar Raj,"Nazdeeki faayde k liye door k nuksaan ko nazar-andaaz nahi karna chahiye". It would have been easy if I could have made the person smile today but that would have ended up in making person's life hell later on. The dilemma that might have come because of my decision, later on, could have ended the person's life at such an edge where neither of the two decisions could make the person happy. I wanted to save the person from this. The dilemma. The confused future. The loss-loss situation. 

             I don't know if the person cried or not but few circumstances related to him/her and other experience made me weep just before an hour from now. I usually behave very strictly when I have to manage and control myself. I did. I made all the possible tries of blackmailing and warning myself of a punishment if the tears would end up rolling down my cheeks. But what is best for the moments has to happen. Tears took their time and finally released themselves from my body. With it, all the emotions flew away to an unknown location in the universe. I am totally fine now. The result of it can be seen in my over-action in the initial stage of this Blog Post. :-) Crying is not a very good option but some times that is the only option left for us to take. And taking it helps us to forget all the complicated issues and concentrate on what makes us smile back. To me, it's my best friend who does this. She makes it sure that I smile whenever I don't want to. And she has been successful in making me smile whenever she wanted to. God should give such friends to all. But mine has to be a percent better than your's. :-)

             I remember that cry of mine when I was leaving my mother for the last time when I returned to hostel after the vacations. I cried a lot because I knew that I am not studying in hostel and hence, next time when I would be meeting her it would be with shame and regret. It happened exactly the same. Then, recently, when I cried a lot was when I saw a dream where I found my parents...... I won't prefer to say it. And Yes, I also wrote about that dream incident in a blog post. After I got admission in MCA in the college I was ambitious about, I cried a lot after realizing that I have left all my good friends behind and I'm alone in this new journey of life. Then, I also cried when my last relationship failed because that was an alarm about the amount of rejection I experience in my life. But, after crying tonight, I realized that it does makes me feel free from all the tensions that were pursuing my brain from hours. Though, in the current state, my head is aching because of welling that happened 90 minutes ago :-) and there's vomiting sensation too. But still, I am feeling well. Positive effects of crying, you know. :-)

              Though, nothing can beat the effect of smiling. Even when I have bucktooth, I keep smiling every now and then. But point-to-be-noted, I don't like my photos to be clicked with my teeth shining like cartoon's. :-) But still, some times, crying beats smile and laughter. Friends, keep smiling. And when you feel that crying would give you relaxation and peace, cry. But if you are crying to take yourself to the next level of depression, then you ______ don't even try to emote any bloody emotion of yours. Haha! I could have written this whole post in a personal format in my personal diary but sometimes, to come out of a state of mind, you feel like sharing your thoughts and current situation with everyone, I just did that. :-) Now, as I am out, I should sign off. 4 AM, you know. Huh!



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