14 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Let The Age Factor Be Ineffective!!! Wake Up The CHILD!!!

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             I still remember my childhood days quite vividly. Though some memories have faded because of time and some because of the illness that I went through for some years. But still, some that are too motivating to remember still remains in my mind. And all the thrashing that I received from my father in retaliation of the good deeds I used to perform still makes me shiver like the same 10 years old child. But the most that I remember is the warmth of my mother's presence around me almost every time. The way she celebrated my birthday, bought new cloths for me, scolded my friends who used to beat me, didn't use to talk to my father sometimes when he used to beat me above the "Saturation Point" etc. And the good thing is that her love for me has just grown since then and she loves me more now. :-) Actually, now I'm the son she dreamed of. Then, I was the son that even I don't want my son/daughter to be. :-) But somewhere the child within me died. And I am finally waking it up again because it was more charming than I am, currently. 

             I stopped celebrating festivals since last 5 years. I always felt loneliness on such days. This happened till Holi 2012. And then I thought why am I so "rejected" and "dejected"? I rejoice the festival of my Muslim friends more than I am excited for the festivals that are celebrated in my own home. I decided that I won't kill the child in me that waited for festivals. Though I won't participate by indulging in any kind of activity that would lead to Sound pollution, Noise Pollution, Water Pollution or any kind of harm to anyone- Living or Non-living, I will celebrate in the most purest form. And I did it perfectly yesterday- on Diwali. :-) Finally I felt that the festive season of my life is back. From last 50 hours, I was working on making this Diwali a comeback for the festivals of my life. And I did it perfectly. I didn't get into house cleaning much but I did few chores lately. I decorated my house. I did the shopping for Diwali Puja. I decorated the Chowki. I did the Puja. I went to the families in my society whom I find genuine for Diwali Milan. I found the excitement and glory back. Finally, Diwali is bygone but it has bought the child in me. It has bought the courage to be that VEERU I was very fond of being. :-)

             Though living a mature, responsible and motivational life is the biggest fun currently, I have realized that little masti, dance and moments of laughter should also be the equal ingredients of life. Just because I'm in the third decade of my life, I shouldn't behave as I have turned old. I should make some people believe that "Abhilash behaves like child. He seems to be so cute when he does those mastis and childish talks". :-) I want to walk on road and say "Namastey Uncle!" "Namastey Aunty!" to every elder that come across me in the same curiosity and excitement with which I did in childhood when Uncle-Aunty used to pinch my cheek in affection. :-) I want to smile in the same way I did in childhood. Now, I stopped smiling much considering that life is meant to be lived seriously. But as Mr. Chetan Bhagat says,"Be sincere. Not serious", I will have to think over this. The charm has to be brought back. The COMING SOON of any movie on TV Channels should generate childlike curiosity in me. The coming of any guest at home should make me over-excited. The new technology should make me impatient to touch the gadget. I would love to hear Love Guru on Radio at 12 PM yet again. :-) I do have crushes even now. :-) I want all this childishness back. And I have taken a resolution that I'll bring it. And I have already started doing it. 

             And with me, I would also make my friends of my kind. Tabhi toh mazaa aayega [Only then it would be the real fun]. :-) So let's welcome the Children's Day with the resolution that with "Bol Blogger" even we would enter the zone that would make us cheer yet again. :-) A very Happy Children's Day to all of you who are joining me in this venture. :-) Bachpan k din ko yaad kyon kiya jaaye? Kyun na usey aaj bhi jeeya jaaye?? Ok Sorry, jyaada ho gaya. Bye.



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