16 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Don't Belittle Others' Job!!! Check Ratio of Your Effort:Salary!!!

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             Everyone wakes up in morning, accuses God of punishing him/her for such an evil life that he/she is aligned to work for a Boss who never acknowledges him/her. Even when one hates such life, one has to leave his/her favorite spongy bed and go for work. At work, one has to struggle for 8-10 hours to meet the deadlines given to him/her by his/her boss or client. If one has to work over time, it some times end up in working for 50-60 hours continuously. Ask the people who work in Iron/steel industry and in that case, even to doctors. Life is extremely hard working for everyone. If one has to earn money, have an amazing account balance, one will have to apply all his knowledge and effort in his work. If one needs a shortcut, there's nothing except getting involved in an illegal activity or fraud. And there's always danger to the people printing money through these kind of works. So, even they are as stressed as you. As many quote says,"Money is not everything" or "Money can't buy everything". Even after having heavy bank accounts, they are yet unable to lead a happy and stress-free life. 

              My motive to write the above paragraph is to make those people realize that every job needs equal amount of hard work who think that only they are involved in extra hard work while others just sit and count money. A mechanical maintenance engineer would always see a person working at Axis Bank or any other job where the employees work by sitting at a desk in air-conditioned office as an envy. He/she feels that they are getting money for playing Solitaire and surfing Facebook on their respective Computers. They hate seeing such people relaxing in an Air conditioned environment as a Mech. Maint. Engineer has to work in an industry temperature of 45-55 degree. They also hate the concept of 2-days holiday at weekends for such employees. Every time, they'll meet any of their contacts who does a job by sitting in an A/ced environment, they'll end up taunting him/her at every 5 minutes. But why don't these people think that if a company pays such people more than them even when they have less hours to work in comparison to you, they certainly do something more tougher than you? Just one transaction by an Axis Bank employee can land up his organization in a big legal trouble. Coding a software program needs lot of mental strength and exertion for a S/w Engineer. Two days off per week is provided to these people as they have to trouble their eyes for 8-10 hours long which isn't good for their health and long life. One should understand that before judging.

            I hate the people who belittle others' job. If you find yourself doing something that is too extra-ordinary yet with an ordinary salary, estimate accordingly to the amount of incredibility another person would be putting in his field that is giving him the sum of rupees that is far much greater than yours. Some people have a very bad habit of belittling someone's job at his face and taunting as to why does he gets a package of such quality when he deserves as much as he himself gets. Stop doing that, buddy. You don't know that you are spoiling his patience power. Once that would break, you will get to hear what your job is, what your field is which you chose yourself at the time of Academic situation. Life is too short to compare yourself, your job, your salary with anyone else's. Be satisfied with what you get because you know the effort you are putting in your job. In the same way, the other person is putting in his, respect him for what he gets. In this competitive world, when  millions of people are dying with joblessness, you at least have a job which is serving you something to eat and sleep peacefully. If you will not value this and be jealous of those earning more than your's, remember, you aren't mocking them, you are mocking your life, your mental condition and your future. 

           I believe that every person in this world gets the amount of money as per the effort, dedication, possession one has for his/her job. No one can get less than his/her efforts deserve and no one can get even more than that. Everyone gets a balanced scale of salary. Compare your salary with your own salary throughout the life. If at any point of time till your retirement day, you find that your current salary is lesser than what you once got in your previous organization, that should be a shame for you. But until and unless you are getting more than what you got in any of your previous months of working experience, be satisfied, motivated, happy and content. Don't try to belittle someone else's effort, job and organization just to prove yourself that you put in much effort than him/her and you are better than him/her. This attitude will someday embarrass and humiliate you in public that will end up in you losing all the self-respect you have for yourself and your job. I challenge!!! That's all.



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good piece of lesson... !!

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One of the best post...

Keep ON..

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Thanks Pratibha and Raja sir.. :)

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