1 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Anyone can hold the Helm when the Sea is Calm!!!

717th BLOG POST -->>

            November arrives. With it, I miss my target of accomplishing 20 Blog Posts in October. But its better not to write when not in mood. Right, readers? I know, yeah, you always find me right. Right? Ok, fine. This time, NO. :-) Actually the reason behind this sudden irregularity is something that's too unconventional and something that makes it difficult to proclaim in the public forum. As everyone knows the propensity of life, you tend to feel shy to say something that isn't conducive with the personality but still I would divulge that the rationale for the irregularity is "Pressure of Submissions in my Academic Life". Seems so new and fresh reason from me, hai na? I never talk about studies that means I'm not studious? Ok, I am not I know but at least I pretend to be in front of strangers and teachers. :-) But as the group of readers here are no less than a family, a truth has to be shared that I'm no different than a box containing nothing except vacuum. :-) 

            This life of academic pressure that I'm into, currently, is exhaustible. Sometimes it asks to quit but is that the only option that a human without any physical, mental and financial limitation has to choose? When I am being made perfect with body and brain, why to show imperfection when it's about continuing with something that is incessantly challenging and testing me? God has been the most kind entity to me. I may not trust any human but I always trust God. Because I believe the fact that there's a creator of this world otherwise there's nothing that can be formed without parents. So, when God has been always kind to me, how can he be strict at the moment? He is just asking me to concentrate on the pressure that he is adding up with each second to get out of my comfort zone and touch those areas that were never touched before. I am loving it.

             There have been many in my class who has called it a QUIT but I would never chose such option. I am a human, I am someone who believes in the hard work that legends have shown us hence I believe that if I can't turn legend, at least I can possess their qualities that made them one. Taking a break from work is the most difficult decision. I remember those 6 months when my father asked me to sit at home. The walls of my home started taunting me. All the showpieces of the drawing room started pissing me rather than attracting towards themselves. TV Screen seemed to be the most irritating thing as it became a kind of only survival. That was the moment I decided that if in life, dad would give me a second chance, I would never sit idle. And the only option to be at work at every moment of life is not to fail. To not to fail, one has to show discipline in preparation and performance. I try to do the best according to my capabilities, else I leave it up to the God and fortunately, he takes care. If I fail, he shows another door. If I pass, he still shows the same Door but this time I get the key without being asked to search for it. :-)

              I am not getting time to sleep. I am not getting time to write blog posts daily that I love to. I am not getting time to fall into the space again where I had only one thing to do- Book reading. But, I am in love with this life. While performing these brain-screwing tasks, I do feel irritated sometimes but this is the time to maintain my cool and keep on witnessing the attitude of teachers that they keep on waiting for the whole semester. But after three years, when I'll get the degree of MCA, I would be so happy to hold it in my hands as it would be of my own efforts. I would die in happiness as I am the only one who kept helping the box on the top of my body to release some vacuum and fill it up with satisfying amount of oxygen. :-) Taking a break from work or procrastinating or postponing the activities is like asking yourself to visit toilet after 7 days as we will have to clean up our private sectors :-) and hand after the unwanted activity. Amitabh Bachchan took break in 1990s. It took him 10 years to get back to form. It was then that he promised himself that he would never take break from work and will keep on performing and acting until his breathe aren't leaving his soul. And see the number of activities that he does in his life. When a Superstar who already had number of fans didn't get an easy way to get back to work after taking a break, I and you are just fresher in this journey of life. Let's work. Let's commit and promise ourselves that we won't quit in the hardest moments of our job/studies/business. Because when the efforts made in this time blesses us with a result later on, it is the biggest happiness of the world. Personal experience of everyone, not something new that is being spoken just in an immediate above sentence. 

   So, best of luck to all for the life that you hate because hatred always turn into Love later. :-)



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Prerna Varma said...

Nice one! Taking a break tends to limit our capabilities. Even if its exhausting, it is important to move forward!
Between, Amitabh Bachchan !! :D

Sabyasachi Patra | Tales from Wild India said...

I agree that anyone can steer a ship when the sea is calm. During times of stress, your mettle is tested to the hilt. Keep on pushing.

suriti sharma said...

it was very helpfull,as i also hv a long list of assignmnts and presentations to prepare this week.Teachers pe itna gussa aa rha tha, but after reading this blog m feeling relaxed. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Prerna, u cant taunt me because of Amitabh sir's name in the post.. haha

Writing Buddha said...

Sabyasachi Patra, yes exactly

Writing Buddha said...

Suriti, I am very happy to know this :-)

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