28 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Take Advise and be Greater than One who Gives it!!!

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            I still remember a personal interview that a Blogger friend took where he promised me that he just wants to know about my life, my views as he likes my writing but would never publish them as I was against it. He agreed and then a Question-Answer round began where he started throwing philosophical questions at me while I kept on answering them according to the brain and intellectualism I had about living life. The one question that I loved answering was when he asked me,"What gives you the best SATISFACTION in life?". I thought for a while. I started thinking about money, my fame, my success etc. But at last I found an answer that gave a little more meaning to my life. I said,"The few hours that I spend after helping a stranger". The Blogger friend was so impressed with the answer that he stopped the interrogation just after that saying that he needs no more ARB's quote because nothing can beat this one. :-) 

             But later in life, I thought about the amount of inspiration that I'm trying to bring. The amount of people I am inspiring through my blogs, tweets and other mediums. I recalled all the mails that I get of the people who know that I'm not judgmental and sharing every problem with me would always give them an advice is return that would change their life by appropriate degrees. Then I thought that I'm still not satisfied. I discussed it with the same virtual friend. He asked,"What more do you need, Mr. Abhilash? Are you dreaming of changing the world?". I said,"I have always found people getting changed through me in a world that I don't know about. I haven't met anyone who has got his/her life improved because of me. Now, I want to motivate people around me so that I can see the world around me changing with the pace I want it to". And being a great support, my friend started praising me for thinking something that he would have never ever thought of doing. I laughed. Still, I feel that people find me boring or irritating because of lengthy lectures I give them about life when they come up with a problem. But I have no other option. I can't see someone crying in depression or fear. I can't see someone thinking of ending life just because he is not finding a way out of the problem etc. 

             And some people often ask me about the same mistakes that I committed and still talking on the issue as an expert. I make them understand that I have been through the phase that made me realize after the conclusion that I did a mistake which is not to be done again. So, as I am a senior, you should now hear me and follow the way that I'm asking you to for your survival. :-) It's a very big accomplishment that people are always ready to take the advise and implement it. I read it in a holy book that the one who takes advice and implements it is always greater than the one who gives it. I am thankful to all such people who consider me as the genuine person to give advise to them. And every time I get a call back or a message that my help or words took them out of the problem and they have got their real smile and relief back, I find myself the most successful person on Earth. I don't need any gift from them in return for the goodwill that happened through me because I always believe that God has made me for the purpose. Otherwise why am I getting dragged towards Religion, God, Holy books with each passing day? It is just because God is making me read about the humanity that he wants people to know and thus spread it among the masses so that the change would come that is needed urgently. I am happy that I am loved by everyone, considered important that I'm allowed to speak, teach and bore. :-)

            When I see my friend confessing her so-called crimes to her parents, when I see my another conservative friend attending a party, when I see a friend saying Sorry to the person he hates the most, when I see a friend deleting all her images from Facebook, when I see a friend ordering books from Flipkart and when I see a friend doing what his heart wants, I feel proud of all the time that I spend in reading books that are related to humanity, religion, motivation, life etc. Learning and reading so much shouldn't go in waste. Implementing those things in my life and making myself apart from the people around me would surely give me a satisfaction but only up to a level. To be satisfied for a longer term, I should keep on spreading the knowledge with all around me. That gives me the pleasure. And my friends are too lovely that they never retaliate with sarcasm as to why am I insisting them to follow something that even I don't. They are always skeptic that I might be doing it without informing them as I don't talk about myself every now and then. I give the time to others to observe and acknowledge me to themselves. 

           Today, I am too happy as I have been little helpful to a person whom I love as much as I love my family. You can say that he/she is almost like a part of my family as the bonding that has been witnessed is too strong to not to consider him/her as a part of heart and soul. :-) Another friend said that he/she is confident about the change he/she shall experience in life because of my presence near him/her. This gives me so much contention that I don't even fear death at the moment as I feel that I have been of some use to the planet and humanity. I have been a reason of the seconds that God spent in creating not just another human being with a purpose. To all the friends who come to me to get themselves piled up with lectures, boring talks and head-shattering quotes/examples, thanks for considering me so important and useful in your life. My love and support will always remain with not only the strangers, readers of my blog but even with you. Though I would never be ready to accept that I am working for your benefit but somewhere, I would be devoting some time for your life. And its because God and his words are making me do that, there's no greatness in it. And in the end, I would again say what I read in the Holy Book,"The one who takes advise and implement it is greater than the one who gives advise". My Salute!!!



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Anonymous said...

Waah...cha gaye guru...have a grateful heart.take advise and chilll... Vickas

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Vickas

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