3 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Dedicated to my Friends - FRIENDSHIP DAY !!!

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        I would like to wish Happy Friendship Day to all my friends and all my friends who are still not in the list but I am going to meet them sometime in future. I have heard people saying that why is only one day meant for friendship when friends celebrate their friendship everyday. Their query is right and debating. Actually, Friendship day is meant to let the enemies of human know that there is a word named FRIEND exists. Friendship Day is meant to bond your relationship with your friends more than before. On Friendship Day, celebrate and gift your friends, plan and spend the whole day with your friends to make something memorable with your friends. This is what friendship day means. So, don't misunderstand it as other 364 days aren't meant for friendship.

            Its a nice moment for me to talk about my friends who are special to me. There are many friends but I would like to talk about some of them who have really changed my life and had been a special part of it. First of all, I would like to talk about Rohit. He is my first friend I remember. I used to share everything with him. He was my better half and he is still the one. He is just a miscall or a SMS away from me. He had bared a lot of pains in his life just like me and he had strongly coped up with it which had proliferated my respect for him too. Rohit, nobody can replace you. 

           Gaurav, a friend who came late in my life but the way he had occupied all the important places of my life is so sweet that I can't define it. Gaurav had been a wonderful friend with a great sense of humor. He had never ignored me in his life. He can leave everything for me if I'll demand a help from him. He is so special and he is going to be in contact with me for all my lifetime. I can never forget each moment I share with him. He is the only friend whom I have met so much in my life else I don't get so much time to spend with other friends.

           Ganesh Bhai, I met him when I was in Pune. He was my first roommate I was introduced too. He had been very helpful to me and an angel in my life. Because of him, I am on my right track of life. Because of him, I am what I am. I am alive because of him. I am studying because of him. He had been so helpful to me. No friend had thought so selflessly about me. I remember the time when I had no money in Pune and the way he helped me. He told my father to take me away from that hell in Pune as I was melting there. He gave me confidence to study and perform and he opened the blindfold of my eyes and showed me how to look life with a positive attitude. When I knew nothing about Mumbai, he came from Pune and admitted me into this college - Bharati Vidyapeeth because of which I am studying and performing here. Ganesh Bhai, I can never return your favors back. I bow infront of you.

            Yusuf - A friend who had been with me from last one year. He had never fought with me as everyone had in this last one year from my college. Even after so many differences in our lifestyles, he had managed to adjust himself. He had been a very motivating and helping friend. He is the one I can blindly trust upon in my class. No one had been so kind to me as he had been. Sometimes we fight and that's the unique effect of our friendship which is not there with Rohit, Gaurav or Ganesh bhai. I met him on the same day last year - 3rd August,2009 on the first day of our college and still the friendship is fresh and bright.

           I would also like to name many other friends who are special to me - Suresh, Abhinav, Prema, Vandana, Danish, Arya, Yasir, Shoaeb, Vasim, Zaheer bhai, Mohsin Bhai, Rehan Bhai, Rishab bhai, Fahad, Salman, Ketan, Nowman, Mahesh, Arun, Bezaad, Abhijit, Pranil etc. I know many names are unnamed here but I hope you will understand that the human brain can't remember number of names at a time so I may miss many of them. I would like to share this celebration of Friendship Day with all my friends from Jindal colony,Rathi school, Azam Campus (Pune)'s hostel, Aurangabad, Nashik, Mumbai and all my friends from my class and college. I would also like to share it with all my online friends and the ones who read my blogs and love it. You all had been very special to me and you have made my life an interesting thing to live. You all had been a wonderful part of this life I have been given by God. 


Your's lovingly,


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Salman said...

anytime dude.... just a call away..... :) Cheerzzz to us all!!!

Writing Buddha said...

thanks Salman

Anonymous said...

wish u d same...belated...n sorry mate i m unable 2 read ur blogs now a dayz...u knw bcoz of wat ...best wishes to u..alwayz..MADDY

Writing Buddha said...

thank u Mahesh...I know the problem u r into..dont worry...I am happy that even after missing some of my blogs..u come read and comment..u take the time to jot down a comment..that is a lot for me....

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