31 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Report Card for August - 1600+ Visits !!!

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August's Progress

              Here, with this Blog, the month of August ends too. The 8th month of 2010 ends and from tomorrow the 9th month - September full of festivals and celebrations will start. I am damn excited about the month. As you all know that at every end of the month, I, as a Blogger, post my progress report of the month on my blog. So, here on 31st August I am back with my report card. August has not been quite easy for me if we talk about my blog and my personal life too. Many erratic activities kept on creeping in my life. I tried to manage many of them but still I got trapped into many. I have been sick all this month. I didn't wrote blogs for 5 to 6 days continuously from 13th to 17th of August something. This can be seen in the graph pasted above in this blog post. My father took many leaves this month and because of which he was at home with me. He insisted me to sleep on time and therefore I was unable to post a blog daily. I apologize to you for this.

            However, day before yesterday, I posted 3 blogs and thus maintained somewhat the average of my blog. I posted 2 blogs yesterday too. Many readers would have felt this as an overdose but I hope that all of you would remember the week when I didn't wrote a single post on my blog. So when there is drought on my blog, there can be a flood too. Right? So you can count these last two days as an overdose on my blog. However, I have posted 29 posts in 31 days in this month which is almost near to my target. Missed by 2 !!!

          This month, I have posted many precious blogs if talking about my perceptions on them. I have written about many of my friends including Ganesh bhai, Rohit, Suresh, Raman, Rahul bhai, Swapnil and our very own Pratik who is no more with us. I also wrote two autobiographies this month- One about the Leh's victim and one about the father whose son committed suicide and lost his life. I got a huge appreciation for both the blogs. My friend and member of this blog too - Salman contributed two blog posts this month. One as a condolence to our friend Pratik and second as the monthly article which states a story about a boy. My senior - Rishab Dahiya too contributed a beautiful post on my blog. Author Azhan Ahsan commented on one of my blog this month and thus made me proud of being a writer and being associated with this field of talent. I also wrote about festivals in this month - Raksha bandhan, Ramzaan, Onam and MJ's birth anniversary. Thanks to my fingers who type all this. I love them.

            As we can see in the graph above that my blog didn't got much click in the middle of this month but still it was enough as there was not much posts posted in that period of time. The last week on my blog has been marvelous. I got more than 100 clicks a day. I have also received a lot of comments this month on my blog and I am so happy about it. On 28th, I received 131 clicks, On 25th - 120 clicks, on 29th - 102 clicks. I am quite happy about these numbers as it motivates me a lot to write. So in all I have received some 1600+ visits on my blog this month. I am so happy about this. It is better than the last month's stat. America and Australia are the two countries where my blogs are read the most after India. I am so happy for this. I never expected that these whites will ever read my blog. Haha.

          I am not saying much in this post as I am sick and these tablets have kept me sitting from last 30 minutes which is making it possible for me to interact with all of you. Next month is going to be special for my blog as I will be completing 200 posts of 2010 and 300 blog posts of my blogging career. I will try to write more versatile blogs next month. Friends, please pray for my good health and body.


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