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Ganesh Bhai who changed my life !!!

            276th BLOG -->>

Ganesh Bhai
        I am so happy to write my 276th blog today. Now only 25 blogs remaining and then I'll complete Triple Century on my Blog. A good support and zeal from my readers and good friends. Not everyone reads this but whoever does, loves me. Thanks to everyone of them. Right now, India won the match against Sri Lankans by 6 wickets. Randiv did a shameful act in the last. Sehwag needed 1 run for his century and with that run India would have won as the score was at Tie. The bloody Randiv bowled a no ball, Sehwag hit a SIX and as it was no ball, the 6 runs was not counted as Sehwag's effort. The rule is wrong. Whatever, but I didn't liked it. Already, Sri Lankans were losing badly. If they would have let Sehwag score his century they would have won the match with respect but now nobody respects and nobody has concern regarding Sri Lanka's team. These people are really Raavan. They should be burned off. I think they have forgot the myth and history which took place between Lord Ram and their King- Raavan. When a movie was made with their King's name - Raavan starring Abhishek Bachchan, it also dropped badly at box-office. This is what Sri Lankans are. Hell. I hate them from today. Idiots !!! Shame on You !!!! 

            Coming to the reason why I am writing this 2nd post of the day. Today, on 16th August, its my friend - Ganesh bhai's birthday. He is the one whom I met at first in my hostel in Pune on 10th July, 2006. I still remember the day when I first met him. I and my father came to the hostel. I was getting permanently shifted here in hostel and thus I and my father came with all my baggage. I was allotted the Room No. 14-A. I knocked the door and a boy with huge personality opened the door. We met and we introduced ourselves to each other. I never knew then that this person will become such an important person of my life. He told me about how being a son of a farmer, he got no support from his father for studies but still he managed to convince him for the fees and admitted himself in BCA course in Pune's Azam Campus. I still remember how he used to live a life of a villager in our room and everyone used to hate him for his style. Everyone used to nudge him for his way of living but he was helpless as he lived in the same way right from his childhood. Even I used to hate him then. 

          One day, all of us were talking about his weak points when he wasn't in the room. We thought that he is not going to come on the day. After some minutes when one of the roommates opened the door to go to toilet he found him standing there. We all came to know that he heard everything. I dithered as I always kept myself sweet in front of him while I was also amongst all the roommates who was remarking him in his absence. That day, he left the hostel and shifted himself. I never forgave myself for this. I cried and requested him to not to leave us but giving us the reason of financial problems, he left the hostel. I felt so much guilt because once when I had no money in the hostel he helped me and never asked a single penny in return. Such a big heart he had. After some days, I also left the college and returned to Aurangabad. He never told me but I know that he is the person because of whom I was freed from that prison where I was ill-treated and my father lifted he from there. The initial period was tough but my life changed because of a call Ganesh bhai made to my father from Pune and told him that I was suffering there and there is no chance of me studying and proliferating there. My father never told me the name but I can easily judge that this person who can think about my good can be no other than Ganesh bhai. Ganesh Bhai, Am I Right?

           After that, Ganesh bhai came to meet me in Nashik. It was so nice to meet him then. I was sick at that time and he taught me how to be positive in life and not to be negative. I understood each and every word of him and I thought of acting upon them. After that Ganesh bhai came to meet me in Mumbai last year in late May. He came just because I was new in Mumbai and I knew nothing about colleges and where would I get my course BCA. He came and in the severe temperature and heat of Mumbai, he roamed with me on roads of Kharghar and Belapur just because he wanted me to get admitted in a good college. I can never forget how he showered the brethren love on me.When I passed my HSC, he distributed sweets among his friends in Pune. Wow!! After that, when I cleared the entrance exam and I was to go to Pune's Bharati Vidyapeeth and perform some formalities there, he said me to come to his room for stay and he came with me in the college so that I will have a guardian and I'll take admission without any hurdles. Today, whatever I am studying and learning, I give the credits to Ganesh bhai. If he would not have been there, I would have not got admission in Bharati Vidyapeeth and I would have wasted 1 auspicious year of my life. He is the only angel of my life who is sent by God to help me. I always owe an important part of my success to him whenever I do something good.

           Today, he is no more villager-boy. He lives in Pune and he earns a good amount of money. He is most successful person of all the boys who used to live in 14-A. I am proud to say that the boy whom even I judged as a failure and lackadaisical has proved himself as a successful person. Now he is a businessman too. He is dreaming big. He is planning to move abroad next year for further studies. I am so happy of each and every achievement he had made in his life. I love him so much. I always pray for him. Thank you bhai for making me whatever I am today in my life. You are great and I want you to be with me always in my life. 




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Ganesh said...

Hii Abhi tune jo bhi likha hai vo tarif ke kabhil hai isase ye to paka hai ki tu aachya writer to banegahi lekin isake sathh tere aanther ka aachya insan dikhake aata hai or dusari bat maine aakhasar dekha hai ki log kisike bareme aachya likhane ke chakar me bahot sari sachai ko chupa lethe hai lekin teri writting me ye dikha nahi tune jobhi likha vo sachyai thhi. tune aachi bureko dekha nahi srif sachai ko samne rakha isike karn i proud of u my bro....i wish to god that one day you will be good writer as well as most successful person in u'r life ......one again thanks........?????

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