31 August 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Is Cricket Real or Fixed ?

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Biggest Criminals of Cricket !!!
        Recently we all heard about the match fixing initiated by Pakistan's cricket team players. It was a shocking and shameful news. The players - Salman Butt , Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Amir and Kamran Akmal are accused for rioting the gentleman's game - Cricket. Everyone is in anger and are in immense rage on these players as they have tried to earn money by fooling people of the world. Match-fixing has not been a new case to hear about and talk about but still people believe their cricketers as they are the one who plays for the country and keep us curious about how our country is going to perform in the next match. The man who was involved with them in the fixing is Mazeed. He claims that all the matches from last 1.5 years has been fixed with the Pakistani players. The ex-girlfriend of Asif has also claimed that last year when she was praying for the team's success, Asif told her not to pray as all the matches are fixed for next 2 years and hence no praying will change the fate of the team's win or lose.

            This is not a new story for the Pakistani team. They are already charged of match-fixing in the past in 1998, 1999: In the World Cup, Pakistan lost a league match to Bangladesh, leading to allegations of fixing from various quarters, 2007: In the World Cup, Pakistan lose to Ireland. Their coach Bob Woolmer is found dead in his hotel room and the allegations of fixing fly thick and fast and it happened once in 2010 too. So, its not a new story in the Pakistan cricket team to fix the matches and earn the money. The PM of Pakistan says that their heads are hung in shame. The PCB says that they are going to suspend all the players for the lifetime if they are found corrupt and false. Hearing all this allegations and accusations, we Indians can feel proud of the decision of not letting these Pakistani players play in our IPL Tournament this year. Already Lalit Modi is caught in so many cases where he is accused as fraud, these people would have surely made him more fraud than he is today. 

              Some of the tweets on the Twitter from Pakistanis opine the angers as follows :

@KamranAbbasi: In the middle of the flood crisis and Ramadan, what a way to behave. An utter humiliation for Pakistan cricket on and off the field.

@cpyala: Question for Aalim(religious scholar) Online: Does the money donated by Pak cricketers for flood relief become haraam?

@karachikhatmal: in 99 you broke my heart but I was 16,and i learnt to love you again. i fear i am too old to love you again. why #pakcricket?

@Faraz: We are morally corrupt people disguised in the veil of religion. We just like to point out fingers at others. We are hypocrites.

              All the former Pakistan's captains are also fuming on these cricketers and are feeling ashamed of the act done by these cricketers intentionally. Previously, there have been many players on and off Pakistan's team who are been linked up with fixings like Shane Warne , Mark Waugh, Mohd. Azharuddin, Hansie Cronje, Salim Malik, Marlon Samuels, Chris Lewis, Ajay Jadeja etc.

             After this case, we can expect justice from ICC and PCB. Hope they sound veracious and take a stringent action on these players. We love cricket and we don't want our temple to be filled with such indecent peoples. Many people in this world term Sachin Tendulkar as GOD and if these cricketers will be caught in such a way for fixing the matches, earning money and breaking the pride of their country, how can we trust ourselves and the sports we are passionate for? Let's hope for the right punishment and judgment. 



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Anonymous said...

Ban all players who are involved in match-fixing. Make sure each country's players are well paid so they don't need to fix to get money. Those are some steps to stop match-fixing.

Writing Buddha said...

Right dude...I loved ur views..

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