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Raksha Bandhan - Nothing Special For Me !!!

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Raksha Bandhan
        Today the month of श्रावण ends. On the full moon of the month of Shravana, the holy festival of Hindus - रक्षा बंधन is celebrated. Raksha Bandhan is the festival when the relationship of Brother and Sister is celebrated. One of the important festival of Hindu religion. Even Muslims and Christians celebrate it as this festival fosters the love and purity of a relationship. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a Holy thread known as Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. In return, brothers offer a gift to the sister and promise to look after her and take a good care of her for the whole life. Then brother and sister feed each other with sweets and share the love with each other. Wow !!! It seems to be so beautiful. But for me this is just a festival which come and go. I have nothing to do with this. I don't have any sister and I am unfortunately proud of it. Hell !!! Many bad memories attached with this festival as I have a sour relationship with the girl whom I considered as my sister for whole life.

             The most significant and best illustration and evidence of Rakhi is the story of Queen Karnawati and Mughal Emperor Humayun. During the medieval era, somewhat in 15th century, there was a furious and violent battle between the Mughals , Rajputs and the Sultans. During that period, Rakhi was considered a spiritual bonding. When Queen Karnawati (A widowed Queen) of Chittor realized that there is no way to be rescued from the invasion of Sultan of Gujarat - Bahadur Shah, she sent a rakhi to Emperor Humayun. Humayun was so touched with the Rakhi that he abandoned an ongoing mitilary campaign for her rescue. There are many other stories too attached with the history of Rakhi. Some of them are - Vritra - Indra, Krishna - Draupadi, King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi, Alexander The Great and Puru etc. 

               Raksha Bandhan - This day is celebrated with different names and customs in different states of India. RAKHI POURNIMA in North and South India, GRAHMA POURNIMA in Orissa, NARIYAL POURNIMA in some parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, Janyo Punyo in some parts of Uttarakhand, KAJARI POURNIMA in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Bihar and Pavitropann in some parts of Gujarat.

               Many of you may be thinking that I know so much about the festival this means that I love a girl a lot who would be my sister in relation. My experience of a Sister has been very tough and rough. I considered a girl as my sister some 3 years ago. I loved her a lot and I used to fulfill all her demands and I thought to serve her always - all my life. But when 2 years passed, she started avoiding me and a day came when she stopped all the contacts with me. I was shocked. I broke. I started analyzing about what was my mistake and what went wrong and erratic in the relationship that I can no longer say her as my sister. Then I realized the best motto of the story - One girl can be true and loyal as a sister only to the brother who is real and born from the same womb from where she is born too. A girl can never give the same love to a cousin or a boy whom she considers as a brother. This is a sour truth but a veracious fact. Not today, but in future you will surely realize this. MY CHALLENGE !!!

               So, as the experience of sister has been terrible and horrible to me, I am not going to perform any formalities and fake algorithms tomorrow of the festival. I am not going to tie any Rakhi on my hand as no Rakhi is sent to me with love and affection, it is sent to me just as a formality or forcibly. So, I hate Raksha Bandhan because of the sour experience I have witnessed in my past otherwise this festival is very sweet and palpable. Still I would like to name a girl whom I consider as my sister even today as she is not my real sister, not my cousin and not even childhood friend but still she is so close and so caring - Nidhi didi.



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Rohit said...

Hi Abhilash,

Your blogs on Onam and Rakhi have been really informative! Well done indeed.

I appreciate the unpleasant experience you may have had in the past with your sister/s but I would say only one thing - festivals are not just to reinforce existing bonds, they can also be a perfect occassion to rekindle soured relations!

Go on and try sending that message of love out again, you never know what pent up ego is stopping a repatriation of similar emotions from the other side!

Happy Rakhi,


Rashmi Bane said...

Hi! Abhilash,
This festival u must not have any bitter memories.

Well u can consider me as u r elder Sister throughout u r life. I will really prove to be good sis.

But at this moment I cannot come and tie rakhi to u but can just imagine that I have tied a rakhi on u r wrist. It all depends on u whether to accept it or reject it.

Bye, Take care.

Rashmi Bane
Hari om !

Writing Buddha said...

Rohit bhaiyya - Thanks bhaiyya for your valuable suggestion..but now the time has moved very fast and already its 1.5 years since I had any contact with her...I am happy wherever and whatever I am today..The people I have today in my life are really lovely and care about me..no one is fake...whoever were fake...god exited them automatically from my life..She was one from them...and if she is sumone who cares about me and my future...God will himself bring her back...hmm...So need not worry..about that relation..

Writing Buddha said...

Hey mam, So sweet of you to give ur hand to me as a sister... Actually mam, you know I am the only child of my parent..So when I got her as a sister I was mad in love with her and used to give her whatever she used to speak up once..But it is said naa that jyaada pyaar bhi kadwaapann paida kar deta hai ...and I lost her...But today, I believe every relation rather than the brother-sister one..so mam..its better for us to be in the relation of Teacher and student which is more pure and lovely than the brother-sister relationship acc to my perception...But I would like to thank you to think of me as ur brother....

Ghasitaram said...

your blog color combination text, Image & background is so nice.

rakhi online said...

I can see that you are in the deep pain regarding this festival I understand your feeling too. In this world some people are not as lucky as others I think I am one like you, don't worry buddy everything gonna be alright.
And keep smiling, comes on your article it is nice with actual historic info great job.

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